1. Which control should be moved to display more cycles of a signal on an oscilloscope?


2. Signal comparisons may be most easily seen when using which item of test equipment?


3. If a voltmeter measures a sine wave as 500 mV, what would be its average value?


4. What is the peak-to peak voltage of a 56 Vrms ac voltage?


5. How long would it take to transmit an electromagnetic wave to a receiving antenna 1,000 miles away?


6. One adjustable knob on the oscilloscope that allows the trace to be aligned with a reference graticule is called the:


7. A sine wave has:


8. A rectangular wave that has a duty cycle of 50 percent could be called a:


9. One oscilloscope selector knob that allows the major and minor divisions of the graticule to be used to determine a waveform period is called a:


10. What is the rms voltage value of an ac signal whose peak oscilloscope display uses 3 major divisions above the zero setting? (V/cm = 5)


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