30 TOP COMPILER DESIGN VIVA Questions and Answers

COMPILER DESIGN VIVA Questions and Answers :-

1. Define compilers and translators?

2. What are the phases of a compiler?

3. Define Passes?

4. Define Lexical Analysis?

5. Write notes on syntax analysis?

6. What is meant by semantic analysis?

7. Define optimization?

8. What is cross compiler?

9. Define semantics of a programming language?

10. What are the data elements of a programming language?

11. Define binding?

12. What is coercion of types?

13. What is meant by loaders and link-editors?

14. Write down the various compiler construction tools?

COMPILER DESIGN VIVA Questions and Answers :-

15. What are the possible error recovery actions in lexical analysis:

16. Define regular expressions?

17. Write the regular expression for denoting the set containing the string a and all strings consisting of zero or more a’s followed by a b.

18. Describe the language generated by the regular expressions?

19. What is a regular definition?

20. Define finite automata?

21. What is Deterministic Automata?

22. Write the algorithm for simulating a DFA?

23. Write the transition graph for an NFA that recognizes the language (a|b)*abb ?

24. Define LEX?

25. Write notes on auxiliary definitions?

26. What are the various data structure used for implementing the symbol table?

27. What is the purpose of DAG?

28. Define backpatching?

29. What are the three functions of backpatching?

30. Give short note about call-by-name?

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