Howmany grams per liter would there be in a 0.35 N (Normality) Citricacid solution?


Thenormalityof asolution is the number of gram-equivalentweights of thedissolvedsubstance per liter ofsolution. Thegram-equivalent weight of the dissolved substance isthe molecularweightof thedissolved substance divided bythe hydrogen equivalent ofthe dissolvedsubstance.Citricacid has amolecularweight of 192.12and it containsthreehydrogenequivalents (i.e., three COOHgroups).Thus, the gram equivalent weight of thecitricaciddissolved in wateris 192.12/3 = 64.04grams.Therefore0.35 Normal citricacid would have (0.35)(64.4) =22.41grams ofcitricacid per liter of solution.

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