Inductors Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. A utility pole transformer used to supply a residential customer with two phases uses:


2. If the primary of a 4:1 turns transformer dissipates 5 W, what is the secondary power?


3. What is remanence?


4. When an electromagnet reaches maximum strength, it is considered to be:


5. If you wanted to decrease the inductance of a coil, you might increase the:


6. A change of one ampere per second in an inductor that induces a voltage of one volt is considered as which unit value?


7. With 100 Vac applied to the primary of a transformer so that it draws 500 mA, what will be the 300 Vac secondary current?


8. When a coil collapses the induced circuit current will:


9. As a generator armature passes the 270 degree point, the induced voltage is:


10. Which coil would be used as a step-up transformer primary if coil number 1 has 100 more turns than coil number 2?


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