Irrigation Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

1. Canals taken off from ice-fed perennial rivers, are known


2. In north Indian Plains, optimum depth of kor watering for wheat, is


3. Bligh’s theory of seepage assumes


4. For a unique design of a channel by Kennedy’s theory


5. The field capacity of a soil is 25%, its permanent wilting point is 15% and specific dry unity weight is 1.5. If the depth of root zone of a crop, is 80 cm, the storage capacity of the soil, is


6. The structure constructed to allow drainage water to flow under pressure through an inverted syphon below a canal, is called


7. Useful soil moisture for plant growth, is


8. If the optimum depth of kor watering for a crop is 15.12 cm, the outlet factor for the crop for four week period in hectares per cumec, is


9. A hydraulic structure is designed to withstand


10. The length and width of a meander and also the width of the river, vary roughly as


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