50 TOP NETWORK ANALYSIS LAB VIVA Questions and Answers – EEE


NETWORK ANALYSIS VIVA Questions and Answers :-

1.What is resistance?

2.What are the material used for resistor?

3.what is inductance?

4.what happens to voltage when current through the inductor is constant?

5.how will you define capacitance?

6.What happens to voltage when current is zero?

7.When we use 3 terminal resistor?

8.what is the unit of charge and current?

9.What are the properties of a resistor?

10.what is Q factor?

11.What are the material used for inductance coil?

12.Which capacitor is preferred for high voltage and frequency?

13.State Kirchoff current law?

14.What are dependent sources?

15.List examples of voltage source?

16.List examples of current sources?

17.state Kirchoff voltage law?

18.State TheveninTheorem?

19.How equivalent impedance is calculated in TheveninTheorem?

20.What is the limitation of Kirchoffs law?


21.State Nortons theorem?

22.Is the theorem applicable to ac sources?

23.Define Norton equivalent circuit?

24.State Superposition theorem?

25.Sate Maximum power transfer theorem?

26.What is the efficiency during maximum power transfer?

27.Define branch?

28.Define active and passive network?

29.State Ohm’s Law?

30.Define unilateral circuit?

31.Define filter?

32.List the characteristics of filter?

33.Define characteristics impedance?

34.What is the unit of attenuation?

35.What are the application of filter?

36.Define active filter?

37.List advantges of active filter over passive filter?

38.List the disadvantages of constant K filters?

39.Define cuttoff frequency?

40.How a band pass filter is constructed?

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