Parallel Circuits Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


1. A parallel circuit differs from a series circuit in that a parallel circuit has


2. Kirchhoff’s current law for parallel circuits states that the:


3. If two parallel-connected resistors dissipate 6 watts and 10 watts of power, then what is the total power loss?


4. When parallel resistors are of three different values, which has the greatest power loss?


5. Components that connect in parallel form:


6. Which is considered to be the common reference for a parallel circuit?


7. What happens to total resistance in a circuit with parallel resistors if one of them opens?


8. What is the product-over-sum result of 150 and 6800?


9. What procedure should be followed when troubleshooting with an ammeter or voltmeter?


10. The voltage across any branch of a parallel circuit:


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