50 TOP SURVEYING LAB VIVA Questions and Answers

SURVEYING LAB VIVA Questions with Answers :-


1. What is Surveying?
2. What is Leveling?
3. Objective and Uses of Surveying?
4. Methods of Surveying?
a. Triangulation
b. Traversing
5. Explain:
a. Topographic Map
b. Cadastral Map
c. Engineering Map
d. Military Map
e. Contour Map
f. Geological Map
g. Archeological Map
6. General Principle of Surveying?

Chain Surveying:

7. What is Chaining?
8. Instruments used in Chain Surveying?
9. How many links are in 30m Metric Chain? Length of each link?
10. Reciprocal Ranging?
11. What are Corrections?
12. How many ranging rods required for
a. Direct Ranging
b. Indirect or Reciprocal Ranging
13. Principle of Chain Surveying?
14. What is well-conditioned triangle?
15. What is Reconnaissance Survey?
16. What is Index Sketch?
17. How to set Perpendicular Offsets? (900)
18. What is Field Book?

Compass Surveying:

19. Principle of Compass Surveying?
20. Explain:
a. True Meridian
b. Magnetic Meridian
c. Arbitrary Meridian
d. Magnetic Bearing

i.      Whole Circle Bearing (WCB)
ii.      Quadrantal Bearing (QB)
iii.      Reduced Bearing (RB)
e. Fore Bearing
f. Back Bearing
g. Magnetic Declination
h. Dip of the magnetic needle
i. Local Attraction
20. What is traversing?
a. Close Traverse?
b. Open Traverse?
21. Check on Closed Traverse
a. Sum of exterior angles?
b. Sum of interior angles?
22. Check on Open Traverse
23. How to adjust Closing Error?

Plane Table Surveying:

25. Principle of Plane Table Surveying?
26. Instruments used?
27. What is Orientation?
a. Orientation by Magnetic Needle?
b. Orientation by Backsighting?
28. Methods of Plane Tabling? What is the need of
a. Radiation?
b. Intersection?
c. Traversing?
d. Resection?


29. Uses of Leveling
30. Datum Surface or Line
31. Reduced Level?
32. Line of Collimation?
33. Bench-marks (BM)
a. GTS Bench-marks
b. Permanent Bench-marks
c. Arbitrary Bench-marks
d. Temporary Bench-marks
34. Backsight Reading (BS)
35. Foresight Reading (FS)
36. Intermediate sight Reading (IS)
37. Change Point?
38. Instruments used in Leveling?
39. Types of Leveling?
a. Simple Leveling
b. Differential Leveling
c. Fly Leveling?
d. Profile Leveling?
e. Check Leveling?
40. Need of Reciprocal Leveling?
41. Methods of Calculation of Reduced Level
a. Height of Instrumentation method
b. Rise-and-Fall method
42. Arithmetical Check?


43. What is Contour Map?
44. Contour Line?
45. Contour Interval?
46. Horizontal Equivalent?
47. Object of preparing Contour Map
48. Uses of Contour Map

Computation of Area:

49. Trapezoidal Rule?
50. Simpson’s Rule? Limitation?

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