1.Biological importance of Carbohydrate
2.What is the difference between reducing and non reducing sugar?
3.What is the confirmation test for monosaccharide?
4.What is the significance of osazone?
5.Biological importance of Lipids
6.Difference between essential and nonessential amino acids
7.Give eg for semi essential amino acids
8.What is meant by Partition coefficient?
9.Basic principle of Chromatography
10. What is the choice of stationary phase and mobile phase in
11.Basic principle of Electrophoresis
12.What is the normal value of hemoglobin in women?
13.List out the normal value of Lipid profile
14.List out the risk factor for atherosclerosis
15. What is meant PCV?
16.What is meant by MCH, MCV?
17.What is the role PMNL?
18.What is the level of fasting blood glucose?
19.What is the difference between ketose and aldose sugar?
20.What is the use of blank in colorimetric estimation?
21.How to prepare a 4N solution?
22. What is normality, molality, molarity?
23.Define Beer – Lamberts law
24.Give an eg for basic amino acids
25.What is the normal concentration of blood cholesterol?
26.What is meant by oligosaccharide ? give eg
27.What is meant by polysaccharide ? give eg
28.What is meant by monosaccharide ? give eg
29.What is meant by ketogenic amino acid ?
30.What is meant by glucogenic amino acid ?
31.Give examples for glucogenic and ketogenic aminoacid
32.classification of carbohydrates
33.classification of Lipids
34.classification of Proteins
35. classification of amino acids
36.lipoprotein classification and its function
37.Define enzyme
38.Define active site
39.Define specificity of enzymes
40.Give examples for allosteric regulation of enzymes
41.Give examples for covalent modification of enzymes
42.Give examples for feed back regulation of enzymes
43.Give examples for hormonal regulation of enzymes
44.List out the clinical significances of SGPT
45.List out the clinical significances of SGOT
46.List out the clinical significances of CPK
47.List out the clinical significances of LDH
48.Define electrophoresis
49.Define isoelectric foccusing
50.What is meant by PAGE?
51.Define chromatography
52.What is meant by partition coefficient?
53.What is the role of mobile and stationary phase in chromatography?
54.Give the principle of adsorption
55.Principle and application of gel electrophoresis
56.Give the normal value of the following

a) Blood Glucose
b) Total Protein
c) Serum Albumin, Globulin, Fibrinogen
d) Albumin to globulin ratio
e) Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL
f) Lipid Profile
g) Urine Creatinine
h) Haemoglobin
i) Erythrocyte sedimentation rate