Theory of machines Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. A shaft carrying three rotors will have


2. A governor is said to be stable, if the


3. For low and moderate speed engines, the cam follower should move with


4. A combination of kinematic pairs, joined in such a way that the relative motion between the links is completely constrained, is called a


5. Which of the following is used to control the speed variations of the engine caused by the fluctuations of the engine turning moment?


6. A Hartnell governor is a


7. Which of the following statement is correct?


8. In involute gears, the pressure angle is


9. Which of the following statements regarding laws governing the friction between dry surfaces are correct?


10. In a cam drive with uniform velocity follower, the sharp corners of the displacement diagram are rounded off at the beginning and at the end of each stroke. This is done


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