TOP 300 Analogy MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

Analogy Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bird is to Fly as Fish is to:
A. Jump
B. Run
C. Swim
D. Crawl

Answer: C. Swim
Explanation: A bird flies in the air, just as a fish swims in the water.

2. Pen is to Write as Knife is to:
A. Stab
B. Eat
C. Cook
D. Cut

Answer: D. Cut
Explanation: A pen is used to write, just as a knife is used to cut.

3. Book is to Reading as Fork is to:
A. Eating
B. Writing
C. Cooking
D. Drinking

Answer: A. Eating
Explanation: Just as a book is used for reading, a fork is used for eating.

4. Day is to Night as Black is to:
A. Blue
B. White
C. Red
D. Green

Answer: B. White
Explanation: Day is the opposite of night, just as black is the opposite of white.

5. Eye is to See as Ear is to:
A. Hear
B. Touch
C. Smell
D. Taste

Answer: A. Hear
Explanation: An eye is used to see, just as an ear is used to hear.

6. Teacher is to School as Doctor is to:
A. School
B. Hospital
C. Library
D. Gym

Answer: B. Hospital
Explanation: A teacher works in a school, just as a doctor works in a hospital.

7. Hot is to Cold as Fire is to:
A. Water
B. Heat
C. Ice
D. Steam

Answer: C. Ice
Explanation: Hot is the opposite of cold, just as fire is the opposite of ice.

8. Car is to Road as Boat is to:
A. Air
B. Land
C. Rail
D. Water

Answer: D. Water
Explanation: A car travels on a road, just as a boat travels on water.

9. Food is to Eat as Water is to:
A. Drink
B. Eat
C. Cook
D. Heat

Answer: A. Drink
Explanation: Food is consumed by eating, just as water is consumed by drinking.

10.King is to Queen as Husband is to:
A. Son
B. Wife
C. Daughter
D. Mother

Answer: B. Wife
Explanation: A king is a male monarch, and a queen is a female monarch. Similarly, a husband is a married man, and a wife is a married woman.

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