AXIS Bank Interview Questions (Technical) and Answers

AXIS Bank Interview Questions

General Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself.

I would give a brief background about my education, my past experiences that relate to the job, my skills and abilities, and my career goals in the banking industry.

  1. Why do you want to work at Axis Bank?

I’m interested in Axis Bank because of its strong presence in the retail banking sector. I appreciate your values around ethics and corporate governance. I also see good career growth opportunities at Axis.

  1. What do you know about Axis Bank?

Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in India. It offers services in retail, corporate and investment banking. Axis has over 4,000 branches across the country and serves over 200 million customers. The bank has won awards for its digital banking services and financial inclusion initiatives.

  1. What skills can you bring to this position?

I have strong communication, analytical, and customer service skills that I can utilize in this role. I’m very comfortable dealing with numbers, data analysis, and financial information which are crucial for banking positions.

Banking/Finance Interview Questions

  1. Why do you want to have a career in banking?

I enjoy working with numbers, I’m interested to learn about financial products, and I want to help individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. A career in banking provides growth opportunities while allowing me to develop expertise in finance.

  1. What do you think are the main functions of a bank?

The main functions are accepting deposits and lending funds from those deposits as loans. In addition, banks facilitate payments and transactions, provide investment products, offer financial advice, and more.

  1. What banking products are you familiar with?
  • Savings accounts
  • Current accounts
  • Fixed and recurring deposits
  • Debit/credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • Home loans
  • Insurance
  1. How would you ensure great customer service if you were hired?

I would thoroughly understand the bank’s products so I can educate customers and offer solutions for their needs. I will address all questions and concerns politely and patiently. Following up regularly with customers is also key.

Sales Interview Questions

  1. How do you stay up-to-date on our new products and offers?

I would thoroughly read marketing material and communications sent by the product team. I would also have regular conversations with my manager and team members to learn about the latest offerings.

  1. How would you go about identifying potential target customers for the bank?

I would analyze client data to identify customer profiles that may benefit from our offerings. Building relationships within the local community to attract prospects. And leveraging digital marketing campaigns to reach potential targets.

AXIS Bank Interview Questions

Credit Interview Questions

  1. What factors would you consider when evaluating a personal loan application?
  • Income documentation
  • Credit score
  • Current debt obligations
  • Collateral availability
  • Length of employment
  1. If a small business customer asks you for a loan, what financial records would you ask them to provide?

Tax returns for the past 2 years, bank statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheet, accounts receivable/payable aging reports, and their business plan including projections.

Behavioral Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about a time you made a mistake at work. How did you handle it?

I misfiled an important document once which caused delays finding it later. I immediately told my manager when I realized the mistake. Together we introduced better filing procedures so it wouldn’t happen again.

  1. How do you respond when working with an upset customer?

I empathize with the customer’s frustration, apologize for the circumstances, and focus completely on resolving the issue to their satisfaction. Following up later personally to ensure no lingering issues.

  1. Tell me about a challenging financial situation you helped a customer resolve.

The customer faced high penalty fees due to an oversight on their end… Used bank policies to waive fees… Worked on payment plan to repay dues…

Technical Interview Questions

  1. What key ratios would you use to analyze a company before extending credit?
  • Debt-to-equity
  • Earnings growth
  • Profit margins
  • Return on equity
  • Interest coverage ratio
  1. What does the CASA ratio indicate about a bank’s performance?

The CASA ratio calculates the ratio between current & savings account deposits to total deposits. A higher ratio indicates customers rely more on the bank for deposits signaling good liquidity and low dependence on wholesale deposits.

  1. What are some key economic factors you monitor to assess retail credit health?
  • Employment levels
  • Inflation rates
  • Consumer spending
  • Interest rates
  • Stock market returns
  1. What does the term asset liability management (ALM) mean for banks?

ALM refers to managing liquidity risk and interest rate risks that arise due to mismatches between assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. Banks use ALM to plan the mix of liabilities and assets to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

  1. What technology platforms are you familiar with in banking?
  • Core banking systems
  • ATM/debit networks
  • Mobile and internet banking applications
  • Data analytics platforms
  • Security and fraud detection systems

HR Interview Questions

  1. Would you say you’re a team player? Give me an example that demonstrates this.

Yes absolutely. For example, when our branch was short staffed I volunteered to assist the customer service team with account openings when I had capacity. Being flexible and jumping in wherever needed is key.

  1. This role requires long hours sometimes. How do you handle work-life balance?

I schedule time for fitness and family commitments ahead of time so I have dedicated personal time. At work when things get extremely busy, I focus on setting realistic deadlines, bringing in help, and working long hours short-term until we get back on track.

  1. Where do you see your career in the next 3-5 years?

In the next few years I hope to become an expert on retail banking products and use my skills to take on more responsibility guiding customers. Longer term I aim to move into relationship manager and revenue generating roles.

  1. Why should we hire you over the other candidates?

My customer service skills combined with my passion for finance make me well suited for this opportunity. I have relevant internship experience and am a quick learner who brings fresh energy and new ideas while still respecting established processes.

Role-Specific Interview Questions

  1. How would you evaluate a client’s need prior to proposing an investment product?

I would use questionnaires and discussions to fully understand their financial situation, investment knowledge, risk appetite and return expectations before assessing suitability and presenting investment options.

  1. For a teller role: How would you maintain accuracy while handling large volumes of cash transactions?

I will always maintain full concentration during transactions to avoid mistakes…Adhere to cash handling procedures and verify all denominations…Use counting machines and cash analyzers to reconcile…Spot check my work periodically…

  1. For back office roles: What steps would you take to investigate discrepancies while reconciling accounts?

Notify supervisor immediately…Review all account transactions carefully…Follow up with relevant teams to understand root cause…Change review processes to detect discrepancies earlier…

  1. For IT security roles: What safeguards would you put in place to protect customer data?

Encrypt all hard drives and data…Install firewall, anti-malware and cyber attack protections…Establish multi-factor employee authentication…Grant employee access rights on a need-only basis…Perform frequent security audits…

Manager Interview Questions

  1. What makes you qualified to be a people manager versus an individual contributor in this role? Provide examples that demonstrate your ability to lead others.

I enjoy mentoring others to develop their skills…For example, I trained new customer service reps at my previous job by shadowing calls and providing constructive feedback…Eventually they met performance benchmarks ahead of schedule due to my coaching…

  1. How would you handle an underperforming employee reporting to you?

Set clear expectations and timeline for improvement through a documented PIP…Schedule regular check-ins to provide feedback and training opportunities…If no improvement after additional coaching then escalate to HR for next steps…

  1. What is your approach to managing high performance employees?

I give top talent stretch assignments outside comfort zones for growth while providing support…Develop individual career progression plans…Encourage pursuing promotions or lateral moves…Highlight accomplishments publically…

  1. Have you managed situations when your team was overworked handling multiple urgent projects? What did you do?

Yes, this happens frequently…I assess resources across projects and risks if any are deprioritized…Temporarily shift resources from other teams…Set expectations on timelines transparently even if delays occur…Bring on contract help if budget available…

Leadership Interview Questions

  1. How do you influence your peers or partners across teams when you lack direct authority over them?

Even without authority, you can influence stakeholders critical to your project’s success. I provide data demonstrating benefits of ideas to influence based on merits. Building relationships and political capital over time allows you to gain buy-in more easily.

  1. What approach do you take as a leader during times of crisis or conflict? How do you bring your team or organization together during difficult situations?

First focus is communicating often so my team feels supported and understands priorities…Then jointly establish updated norms on interactions and align on common goals or results first… Once aligned on end objectives I give space rather than micromanaging so my team feels empowered despite circumstances…We celebrate small wins along the way which improves morale…

  1. Tell me about a time you spearheaded a change in your organization. What resistance did you face and how did you overcome it?

_When rolling out a customer service feedback initiative many tenured employees were comfortable with status quo… I had 1:1 listening sessions to understand concerns… Then tailored messaging on how change would simplify processes for our team… Verified new system with power users first to work out bugs…Leveraged their testimony to bring aboard others…

Scenario-Based Interview Questions

  1. A customer lost their debit card and reported it as stolen. What steps should be taken to protect them?

Immediately block the card to prevent unauthorized use…Suggest other cards be blocked as a precaution…Notify fraud prevention team to monitor account closely…Issue replacement card expedited at no cost…Follow up with customer over next 60 days checking for suspicious activity…

  1. If appointed branch manager, how would you grow the book value of accounts and revenue at your location?

Analyze account potential across customer segments such market penetration…Set targets for new account growth, FDs, mutual funds accordingly…Hold branch contests, train staff on offerings, review daily progress…Leverage digital marketing for events to attract area customers…

  1. A corporate client needs a large working capital loan approved urgently for a big order while financial information is still being processed. What do you do?

Have a transparent discussion on current state of their application…Provide options such as approving a smaller interim loan to cover urgent needs while full loan gets cleared once formalities complete…Escalate exception request to senior management per policy…

  1. If you observed suspicious behavior from a colleague at work, what steps would you take?

First inform my supervisor confidentially… Gather information on nature of behavior & specific examples noticed before making accusations… Management should investigate independently by reviewing data audit trails, CCTV footage etc… If serious policy breach is confirmed then HR must get involved per protocols…

  1. If appointed marketing lead for new savings account launch, how would you generate buzz and convert prospects?

Maximize PR coverage through press releases on product benefits that resonate with target demographics…Train branch staff who make recommendations and cross sell…Leverage Facebook and Instagram presence with attention grabbing contests that encourage social shares…Measure click through rates then optimize campaigns…

Common Banking Terms

Term Definition
CASA Current Account Savings Account
NEFT National Electronic Funds Transfer
IMPS Immediate Payment Service
RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement
NIM Net Interest Margin
NPA Non Performing Asset
ALM Asset Liability Management
NII Net Interest Income
EMIs Equated Monthly Installments
CRAR Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio

Hope this detailed response covering a wide variety of potential interview questions across functions helps you prepare for Axis Bank interviews! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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