300+ TOP Birthday Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Birthday Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. The melody of the world-famous song “Happy Birthday to Your” actually comes from which song?
A. “Happy New Year”

B. “Good Morning to All”

C. “Merry Christmas”

Answer: B. “Good Morning to All”

2. Mainly celebrated in Canada and the United States, a sweet sixteen is a party to celebrate a teenager’s birthday when they turn how many year old?
A. 16

B. 18

C. 21

Answer: A. 16

3. Which of the following ingredients is not normally used in a birthday cake?
A. Sugar

B. Eggs

C. Raisins

Answer: C. Raisins

4. What happened to William Shakespeare on his 52nd birthday?
A. He completed a new play

B. He made an excursion around England

C. He died

Answer: C. He died

5. It is a tradition in Canada that friends can rub butter on which part of your body on your birthday?
A. Nose

B. Cheek

C. Head

Answer: A. Nose

6. In South Korea, which of the following is a traditional birthday dish at breakfast?
A. Seaweed soup

B. Pickled eggs

C. Roast turnip cake

Answer: A. Seaweed soup

7. When is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which marks the birthday of the American activist?
A. January 15

B. February 20

C. March 10

Answer: A. January 15

8. To mark the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, which shops are closed in India on October 2?
A. Tobacco shops

B. Liquor shops

C. Lotto shops

Answer: B. Liquor shops

9. What is the age of majority in the UK when you officially become an adult?
A. 16

B. 18

C. 20

Answer: B. 18

10. In India and Nepal, why is the head of a child is shaved on their first birthday?
A. To prevent diseases

B. To cleanse evils in their past lives

C. To free from the materialistic world

Answer: B. To cleanse evils in their past lives

Birthday Quiz Questions

11. Marilyn Monroe sang her own version of “Happy Birthday” to which U.S President?
A. Richard Nixon

B. Lyndon Johnson

C. John F. Kennedy

Answer: C. John F. Kennedy

12. What do you wear when you wear a “birthday suit”?
A. Bikini

B. Vest

C. Nothing

Answer: C. Nothing

13. From which country did the tradition of sending cards on birthdays come from?
A. England

B. Germany

C. France

Answer: A. England

14. Which English poet published a collection of poetry called “Birthday Letters” only a few months before his death in 1998?
A. Lord Byron

B. Ted Hughes

C. Thomas Gray

Answer: B. Ted Hughes

15. In the animated movie “Toy Story”, which present does Andy receive for his birthday?
A. Woody

B. Mr. Potato Head

C. Buzz Lightyear

Answer: C. Buzz Lightyear

16. Which fictional character in “The Lord of the Rings” celebrates his “eleventy-first” birthday?
A. Bilbo Baggins

B. Frodo Baggins

C. Sam Gamgee

Answer: A. Bilbo Baggins

17. What is your zodiac star sign if you were born on the 6th of November?
A. Virgo

B. Scorpio

C. Aquarius

Answer: B. Scorpio

18. What is the birth flower of April?
A. Violet

B. Hawthorn

C. Daisy

Answer: C. Daisy

19. Garnet represents a person’s birthday in which month?
A. January

B. February

C. March

Answer: A. January

20. What is special about a golden birthday?
A. It is the birthday when you turn 60

B. It is the birthday when your age and your birth date are the same

C. It is the birthday in the year when you have a kid

Answer: B. It is the birthday when your age and your birth date are the same

21. The official birthday of the Queen is in June, but when is her real birthday?
A. In January

B. In April

C. In August

Answer: B. In April

22. Which singer wrote the “Happy Birthday” song for Martin Luther King?
A. Marvin Gaye

B. Michael Jackson

C. Stevie Wonder

Answer: C. Stevie Wonder

23. When can you get a birthday message from the Queen?
A. 90 years old

B. 95 years old

C. 100 years old

Answer: C. 100 years old

24. Unlike other countries when people celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday on December 24 or 25, when do Eastern churches celebrate this event?
A. On December 31

B. On January 7

C. On January 15

Answer: B. On January 7

25. In which country do people not celebrate their birthdays on December 17 and July 8?
A. China

B. Cuba

C. North Korea

Answer: C. North Korea

26. In the Northern Hemisphere, all thoroughbred horses have the same birthday regardless of when they are born. What is that date?
A. December 31

B. January 1

C. June 30

Answer: B. January 1

27. On which age birthday do Jewish boy have a bar mitzvah?
A. 13 years old

B. 15 years old

C. 18 years old

Answer: A. 13 years old

28. Along with Cody Wise, who sang the song “It’s My Birthday”, which was a hit in the United Kingdom in 2014?
A. Pharrell Williams

B. Will.i.am

C. Usher

Answer: B. Will.i.am

29. Which writer is the author of the 1959 children’ book “Happy Birthday to You”?
A. Dr. Seuss

B. Chris Van Allsburg

C. Kate DiCamillo

Answer: A. Dr. Seuss

30. Complete the famous quote by the British-American stand-up comedian Bob Hope: “You know you are getting old when … cost more than the cake.”
A. Medications

B. Candles

C. Foods

Answer: B. Candles

31. In Denmark, when do friends and family throw at a person on their 25th birthday if they are still unmarried?
A. Cinnamon

B. Chocolate

C. Salt

Answer: A. Cinnamon

32. How to say “Happy Birthday” in French?
A. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

B. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

C. Bon anniversaire!

Answer: C. Bon anniversaire!

33. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was born on which special day?
A. New Year’s Eve

B. Christmas Day

C. Thanksgiving Day

Answer: B. Christmas Day

34. When was the song “Happy Birthday to You” first introduced?
A. 1912

B. 1924

C. 1936

Answer: A. 1912

35. When is Harry Potter birthday?
A. February 31

B. July 31

C. September 31

Answer: B. July 31

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