How can separation of chiralchemicalsaffect thechemical and/or pharmaceuticalindustries?

This enantiomers(left [S]or right [R]oriented)versions of thesamecompound can haveverydifferent properties;this development has beensignificantparticularlyin thepharmaceuticalindustry.For example, the drugSeldaneis a racemic mixtureof both Sand R versions of the drug’smolecules.Throughchiralseparationtechnology,Hoechstwasable to bringthe drugAllegra to market in only3years(farless timethan is usuallynecessary).Hoechstwasable to bypass toxicitytestingbecauseAllegra is asinglechiralform of its molecule.Bychiralseparation, the most of the side effects of Seldanewereavoided in Allegra.

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