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Alcoholic Beverages Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ethyl alchol evaporates at ——- degree centigrade
Answer: 78.5°C

2. Rum is distilled from
Answer: Molasses

3. The major three Champagne grapes are:
Answer: Pinot noir, Pinot meunier & Chardonnay

4. Champagne made out of only white grapes known as
Answer: Blanc de Blanc

5. What is the famous sparkling wine of Spain
Answer: Cava

6. Asti Spumante is what
Answer: Italian sparkling wine

7. The person who makes Champagne from his own grapes is mentioned in the label as
Answer: RM – Recoltant Manipulant

8. The deep curve at the bottom of the Champagne bottle is
Answer: Punt

9. The string of bubbles found inside a Champagne bottle is known as
Answer: Mousse

10. Port is what
Answer: Sweet fortified Wine

11. Tall buildings with high arced ceiling used to manufacture Sherry is known as
Answer: Bodega

12. The colour Campari is
Answer: Red

13. Suze is what
Answer: Bright yellow colour bitter from France flavoured with gentian and herbs

14. Irish Whisky is pot distilled how many times
Answer: Thrice

15. Canadian Whisky is matured for ——- years
Answer: 3 years

16. The major grapes varities used to manufacture Cognac is known as
Answer: St. emilion (ugmi blanc)

17. Cognac with VSOP label indicates wood aging of minimum —– years.
Answer: 4& ½ years

18. Gin is the national drink of
Answer: Holland

19. Rum along with water is known as
Answer: Grog

20. Some Vodka are flavoured with ———– which gives them light green colour and naughty aroma.
Answer: Zubrowka grass.

21. The famous grey goose Voka is from which county
Answer: France

22. The very famous Voka from England is known as
Answer: Smirnoff

23. The crushed grapes are known as
Answer: Must

24. Which type of press produces the most high quality juice or wine?
Answer: Membrane press

25. How long does it take to complete fermentation process in case of white wine?
Answer: 7-11 days

26. Wort is boiled with the hops
Answer: to provide bitter taste and flavour to the beer

27. Alcohol content of sake varies from
Answer: 4-17 %

28. Sonti is
Answer: rice beer or wine of India

29. The organism used for the preparation of sake is
Answer: Aspergillus oryzae

30. In sparkling wine production, the cuvee is
Answer: the base wine

31. How long does it take to complete fermentation process in case of red wine?
Answer: 3-5 days

32. Ales are the beer in which fermentation is carried out using
Answer: top yeast

33. What temperature is maintained during anaerobic fermentation of white wine?
Answer: 10-21 °C

34. In a hot climate, grapes lose acidity because
Answer: of break down of malic acid

35. Maturation of the beers is carried out at
Answer: 2°C

36. A hydrometer
Answer: measures grape sugar

37. Sodium or potassium meta bi sulphate is added to crushed grapes to
Answer: check the undesirable organisms

38. After storage and recarbonation, left over yeast is separated by
Answer: Filtration

39. Wine is obtained after alcoholic fermentation of
Answer: Grapes

40. What temperature is maintained during anaerobic fermentation of red wine?
Answer: 24-27 °C

41. The germination of barley kernels under controlled temperature and humidity to generate enzymes for the degradation of starch and protein is known as
Answer: Malting

42. Wort is
Answer: an aqueous extract of malt

43. Which of the following organism is used for the fermentation of grapes?
Answer: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

44. If the malolactic fermentation is not carried out,
Answer: the wine may be microbially unstable

45. Grist is
Answer: coarse powder obtained after milling of malted barley

46. Volatile acidity is
Answer: produced by acetobacter

47. Sake is
Answer: rice beer or wine of Japan

48. Lagers are the beer in which fermentation is carried out using
Answer: bottom yeast

49. Chaptalization is
Answer: adding sucrose to must

50. The process of making malt as soluble as possible by using enzymes adjuncts etc is known as
Answer: Mashing

51. The term Racking refers to
Answer: removing clear liquid from sediment

52. Sherry is a type of
Answer: Wine

53. Bock beer is prepared from
Answer: roasted germinated barley seeds

54. What is the desirable sugar content of the grapes required for the wine production?
Answer: 14-20%

55. The yeast generated during the fermentation of beer is generally separated by
Answer: Centrifugation

56. Most Tequila bottled at ……ABV
Answer: 37-40%

57. The heart of Agave plant is known as
Answer: Pinas

58. Tequila is manufacture from
Answer: Fermented juices of Blue green Agave Tequilana weber.

59. Sprit from Italy distilled from the residue of skin , stalks and pulp of grapes
Answer: Grappa

60. Name the famous sprit manufacture from corn in Germany
Answer: Korn

61. Name the famous sprit from cashew fruit from Goa India
Answer: Fenny

62. What is Poteen?
Answer: An Iris drink made from potatoes

63. Arrack means
Answer: A firey drink distilled from fermented sap of palm tree

64. Name the fermented drink from sap of palm tree produced in Kerela and Tamil Nadu.
Answer: Toddy

65. What do you understand by Okolehao
Answer: A fermented and distilled drink made from the root of “ti” tree from Hawaii

66. Pisco means
Answer: A sprit distilled from the residue of Muscat grapes and matures in clay jars from South America.

67. Apple jack means
Answer: A distilled drink from fermented mashed of cider Apple.

68. Name the country name from which liqueur aurum is
Answer: Italy

69. Name a coffee flavour liqueur
Answer: Tia- Maria and Kahlua

70. Name an orange flavour liqueur from France?
Answer: Grand Marnier

71. Name the famous honey flavour liqueur
Answer: Drambuie

72. Name the Israel orange chocolate flavour liqueur
Answer: Sabra

73. Term VSOP means
Answer: Very Superior Old Pale

74. Jim Bean is a what type of whisky
Answer: Bourbon Whisky

75. Ice Beer means
Answer: It is a strong beer. The strength is obtained by freezing since water freezes before alcohol. The Ice crystals are removed to concentrate the beer.

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