300+ TOP Alexander VI Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

(Alexander VI is referred as Rodrigo Borgia for the times before he became pope.)

Alexander VI Quiz Questions

1. When was Rodrigo Borgia born?
A. 1 January 1431
B. 4 May 1434
C. 9 June 1436
D. 6 November 1438

2. Where was Rodrigo Borgia born?
A. La Mancha
B. Pamplona
C. Barcelona
D. Xativa

3. Which pope was Rodrigo Borgia’s uncle?
A. Callixtus III
B. Sixtus V
C. Innocent VIII
D. Benedict XV

4. Which university did Rodrigo Borgia attend?
A. Padua University
B. Berlin University
C. Frankfurt University
D. Bologna University

5. Who sent a letter of reprimand to Rodrigo Borgia for misbehaviour in Sienna?
A. Pius II
B. Urban VIII
C. Gregory XVII
D. Leo XII

6. When was Rodrigo Borgia created cardinal?
A. 20 February 1456
B. 11 June 1455
C. 31 December 1498
D. 14 September 1496

7. Of which diocese was Rodrigo Borgia was appointed bishop on 30 June 1458?
A. Baltimore
B. Valencia
C. Ostia
D. Vienna

8. When was Alexander VI elected pope?
A. 17 February 1494
B. 8 April 1486
C. 11 August 1492
D. 31 October 1486

9. Between which two countries did Alexander VI in 1493 divide by demarcation the newly discovered territories?
A. England and Scotland
B. Ireland and Wales
C. France and Germany
D. Spain and Portugal

10. When did Alexander VI die?
A. 12 January 1506
B. 3 April 1509
C. 18 August 1503
D. 9 November 1505

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