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Andrey Sakharov Quiz Questions

1. When did Andrey Sakharov get Nobel Prize for Peace?
a) 1946
b) 1957
c) 1975
d) 1979

2. When was Andrey Sakharov born?
a) 12 March 1919
b) 21 May 1921
c) 29 July 1912
d) 18 November 1922

3. Where was Andrey Sakharov born?
a) Moscow
b) Tomsk
c) Volgograd
d) Astana

4. Which university did Andrey Sakharov attend?
a) Rostov Liberal Arts University
b) Petrograd University
c) Yekatinburg University
d) Moscow State University

5. Where did Andrey Sakharov graduate?
a) Yerevan
b) Ashkhabad
c) Grozny
d) Ussyriysk

6. When was the thermonuclear bomb on which Andrey Sakharov and others had worked was detonated?
a) 5 April 1945
b) 19 February 1946
c) 12 August 1953
d) 6 October 1948

7. Who wanted to test a 100 kiloton thermonuclear bomb in atmosphere in 1961 and Andrey Sakharov opposed him?
a) Leon Trotsky
b) Vladimir Lenin
c) Joseph Stalin
d) Nikita Khrushchev

8. Who delivered Andrey Sakharov’s Nobel lecture “Peace, Progress and Human Rights” in Oslo?
a) Klavdia Vikhireva
b) Yelena Bonner
c) Valentina Tereshkova
d) Svetlana Stalin

9. Where war Andrey Sakharov confined in 1980?
a) Vladivostok
b) Bucharest
c) Gorky
d) Budapest

10. When did Andrey Sakharov die?
a) 8 January 1985
b) 5 June 1991
c) 17 September 1961
d) 14 December 1989

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