100+ Most Asked APPSC GROUP 1 Interview Questions and Answers

APPSC GROUP 1 Interview Questions :-

1. How many days of gap will be there from prelims to main examination and from mains to interview?
2 months man(after prelims result) ……after getting the mains result……interview will be held after min 15
days….max will be decided by appsc ppl….

2. Why are you looking for this profession?
to serve the my peoples and to increse litercy percent

3. What is the basic eligibility that one should have who applies for group1 and 2?
any graduation is important for group1&2

4. Where can we take coaching for writing group exams?
own preparation

5. Who is the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?
(a) Chandrika Kumaratunga
(b) Ranil Wickremesinghe
(c) Mahinda Rajapakse
(d) None of these?

6. Why vb is called event driven programming language?
it is so called because code remains idle until we do not create any event.

7. What will be the probable cut off for the Group-1 Mains to be selected for interview for the exams?
The general scoring in essay can be around 60 and for history around 75, and economy 80 and science 80 of many
aspired candidates.

even though maths paper is easy to go, but the first question in the second section and the questions in
section – iii may not yield good answers. i expect the average for paper – 5 will be 100 for qualified candidates.

in the last 2008 group-1 exams general category men were called for 420 and above.the highest written marks for all catergories is 481.
History 101 (highestmarks)
Economy – 110 (highest marks)
Science – 127 (“)
Mathematics – 120 (“)
Essay – 116 (“)

The above data can be calculated from the marks list released by APPSC for the 2008 exam.

none of the candidates who got highest marks are not selected since they got fewer marks in other subjects.

so overall performance is important.

so we can expect the total marks may go up to 500 or 510.

i expect the cutoff to be 440 – 450

8. What is the difference between Indian and American bureaucracies? Which is successful and why?
9. What are the characteristics of a Leader. What is leadership qualities?
10. Tell your name, district and educational qualifications?
11. What is meant by Avogadro Number in Chemistry refer to?
12. What are leadership qualities in teaching profession? How many types of leaderships are there?
13. What are the duties of RDO?
14. Tell us about public distribution system? How can you prevent wastage in the implementation of PDS?
15. What are the growth rates of India and China and how do you compare these economies?
16. How does your village got that name and what is the old name of your village?
17. What are schemes introduced by Govt. of AP in the recent times? Which are the programmes do you like and why?
18. What is Newton’s Law of Motion? How do they useful to us?
19. What is cloud computing?
20. How many square kilometers are there for hector. How many guntas for an acre?
21. How Tungabhadra River got that name?
22. How many states are there in India and what are their names?
23. How do you differentiate the style of administration of Bush and Obama and what is your opinion on these leaders?
24. What measures do you suggest to prevent power crisis in Andhra Pradesh?
25. Tell us about crisis in Pakistan?
26. Tell about women issues.
27. What is bureaucracy? What is the difference between line and staff bureaucracy?
28. What is the difference between Government Servant and Civil Servant?
29. Tell about greenhouse effect and it’s results?
30. Tell about World Telugu Conference?
31. Tell about First Panipat War. Where, when and between whom this war was happened?
32. A cheetah entered into a village. What will you do as a RDO?
32. Why conservation of Tigers?

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