100+ TOP Arthur Clarke Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Arthur Clarke Quiz Questions

1. When was Arthur Clarke born?
A. 1 January 1901
B. 4 April 1904
C. 8 August 1908
D. 16 December 1917

2. Where was Arthur Clarke born?
A. Birmingham
B. Minehead
C. Liverpool
D. Cork

3. When did Arthur Clarke serve in the Royal Air Force?
A. 1036-1941
B. 1948-1952
C. 1941-1946
D. 1953-1957

4. Of which society was Arthur Clarke president in 1947-1950?
A. British Interplanetary Society
B. Royal Society
C. Meteoritical Society
D. Society of Friends

5. When did Arthur Clarke write The City and the Stars?
A. 1972
B. 1956
C. 1967
D. 1951

6. Which medal did Arthur Clarke win in 1963 for his article Extra-Terrestrial Relays in which he had proposed satellite communication system?
A. Presidential Medal of Freedom
B. British Empire Medal
C. Franklin Institute Gold Medal
D. George Medal

7. Which film was based on Arthur Clarke’s short story The Sentinel, which was later developed in a novel?
A. 2001: A Space Odyssey
B. The Omega Man
C. Star Wars
D. Independence Day

8. When was By Space Possessed published?
A. 1884
B. 1988
C. 1991
D. 1993

9. When did Arthur Clarke die?
A. 19 March 2008
B. 10 May 2012
C. 5 September 1998
D. 6 November 2005

10. Where did Arthur Clarke die?
A. Dublin
B. London
C. Colombo
D. Ipswich

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