300+ TOP Asian Countries GK Quiz MCQs and Answers

Asian Countries Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Asia’s longest and highest ropeway constructed?

Auli, Garhwal, Himalayas.

2. Which region of Sri Lanka has Tamil majority population?

Jaffna Peninsula.

3. What is called the boundary line between Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Durand Line.

4. The Bhakra-Nangal project is built on which river?


5. What name is given to Kathmandu Airport of Nepal?

Tribhuvan International Airport.

6. The most important river of Myanmar?


7. The southern most point in Sri Lanka?

Dondra Head.

8. Name the South Indian city which is air linked with Maldives:


9. The significance about Landi Kotal:

It is the Pakistan railway terminus before, the Khyber Pass.

10. Which South Asian country is famous for its ruby mines?


11. What is Pidurutalagala’s special feature?

It is the highest peak in Sri Lanka.

12. Which countries does the Karakoram Highway join?

Pakistan and China via India.

13. On which river is the Tarbela Dam?


14. The river Ganga is called as ‘Padma’ in:


15. Which major archaeological site associated with early civilisation is near Larkana?


16. Which two border towns face each other on the main road from India to Kathmandu?

Birgunj and Raxaul.

17. The chief town of Sri Lanka’s northern province:


18. The southernmost major tributary of the Indus river:


19. The Northernmost of the five major tributaries of the Indus river:


20. On what island is Male Airport?


21. Which is Beijing’s Port?


22. With which country does Laos have a common eastern border?


23. Yemen’s most important port:


24. On which island is George Town?


25. This Gulf nation is a peninsula. Which is it?


26. Which countries does the Strait of Hormuz separate?

Oman and Iran.

27. Which capital city would you find in the delta of the Red River?


28. The largest republic of Russia entirely in Asia:

Kazakh Republic.

29. The city with the largest population in China?


30. The capital of Cambodia:

Phnom Penh.

31. Which country would you find Negev Desert?


32. The Mesopotamia is now called:


33. Which Mediterranean island is considered an independent Asian country?


34. Where is the Dead Sea?

Jordan Israel.

35. Of which country is Beirut the capital?


36. What do the Ural Mountains separate?

European and Asian Russia.

37. What is Saigon now known as?

Ho Chi Minh City.

38. The significant about Vladivostok?

Russia’s major eastern port.

39. A well-known tourist resort Phuket is in:


40. Indonesian Borneo is called:


41. Formosa is now known as:


42. The familiar name of China’s longest river:


43. On which island is Nagasaki?


44. The inland Sea in the Asian landmass of Russia is:

Aral Sea.

45. The capital of the Philippines is on the island:


46. Kowloon, the land portion is in:

Hong Kong.

47. Port Kelang was once known ds:

Port Swettenham.

48. The northernmost of the major Indonesian Islands:


49. The capital of North Korea?


50. The name of Portuguese colony in China:


51. The country that is known as a land of unity in diversity?


52. Of which island chain is Okinawa a part?

Ryukyu Islands.

53. Iraq has a common border on its South with two countries. Which are they?

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

54. China claims on an independent island country as one of its provinces. Which island?


55. Near which northern town are the main oilfields of Iraq?


56. Which countries border the sea of Galilee?

Israel, Jordan and Syria.

57. This famous island in the Arabian Sea is a part of Yemen. Which island?


58. Write the exact location of Manchuria:

North-eastern corner of China.

59. Mongolia’s great desert is called:

Gobi Desert.

60. The oil pipeline runs to Mediterranean ports from this Iraq city. Which city?


61. The capital of Saudi Arabia:


62. Three Japanese cities have almost begun to merge each other, as they are so large, Name them:

Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto.

63. The capital of Mongolia is:


64. The Isthmus of Kra is a narrow neck of land in which one country ends and another extends. Name them?

Myanmar and Thailand.

65. This Malaysian town is the crossing point to Singapore. Which town?

Johor Bahru.

66. Which are the two straits that ships bound for the Black Sea from the Mediterranean have to pass through?

The Dardanelles and the Bosporus.

67. Phosphates is most important resource of this country: Which is it?


68. Which is the centre most of the three major rivers of Asian Russia?

Yenisei River.

69. Which Chinese province has some of the largest reserves of coal and iron ore in the world?


70. In which republic Tashkent belongs?


71. Name the countries once formed the territory called French Indochina?

Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam.

72. Which part of Egypt is in Asia?

Sinai Peninsula.

73. The Euphrates is one of Iraq’s major rivers. Which is the other?


74. What do Makassar Strait separate?

Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

75. Which sea separates European and Asian Turkey?

Sea of Marmara.

76. The U.A.E separates two parts of a country. Which country?


77. Of which country is Sarawak a part?


78. This country considers the Yalu as its most navigable river. Which country?

North Korea.

79. The old capital of the Philippines was:

Quezon City.

80. With the export of which cash crop was the Port of Mokha long associated?


81. This Gulf country is an island. Which country?


82. The West Bank is claimed by Israel as its own. Which is this area west of?

River Jordan.

83. What is the mountain chain just South of the Caspian sea?


84. Which is the town which gives Israel access to the Red Sea?


85. The Southernmost of the major islands in the Philippines?


86. In which Soviet republic is the ancient town of Samarkand?


87. Which is Tokyo’s port?


88. The biggest oil refining centre in Iran:


89. Dairen and port Arthur are known as:


90. The mountain in Sri Lanka which is sacred to people of all faiths:

Adam’s Peak.

91. The best known place in the Chagos Archipelago:

Diego Garcia.

92. Pakistan has borders with two countries of Asia. Which are they?

Afghanistan and India.

93. The largest natural harbour of Sri Lanka?


94. Which country has largest Gurkha population?


95. On which river is the Tarbela Dam?


96. In which country was Gan, once an important air base?

The Maldives.

97. The two major coastal towns on either side of the Gulf of Martaban?

Yangon and Mawlamyine.

98. The hill station of Pakistan’s capital?


99. The Southernmost group of islands in the-Maldives?

Addu/ Atoll/ Seenu.

100. Nepal Shares its northern border with this country. Which country?


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