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1. The rules for modern badminton were developed in which country during the 19th century?
A. China

B. Britain

C. Denmark

Answer: B

2. In a badminton game, the winner is the first one to reach … points.
A. 11

B. 16

C. 21

Answer: C

3. What is the name of the international governing body for badminton recognised by the International Olympic Committee?
A. Badminton World Federation – BWF

B. International Badminton Association – IBA

C. Badminton World Organization – BWO

Answer: A

4. In which year did badminton make its debut in the Summer Olympic Games?
A. 1988

B. 1992

C. 1996

Answer: B

5. When a badminton player wins a rally, how many points can he or she get?
A. 1 point

B. 2 points

C. 3 points

Answer: A

6. When does the umpire call the score out loud during a badminton game?
A. Before the game starts

B. After the game finishes

C. After the rally finishes

Answer: C

7. Which term is used when a player violates the rules?
A. An error

B. A fault

C. A mistake

Answer: B

8. Who is often considered to be one of the greatest badminton men single’s players of all time with 5 world champion and 2 Olympic champion titles?
A. Li Chong Wei

B. Lin Dan

C. Peter Gade

Answer: B

9. What is the name of the international badminton tournaments for men’s team competition?
A. Thomas Cup

B. Uber Cup

C. Sudirman Cup

Answer: A

10. What can be the maximum number of games in a badminton match?
A. 3

B. 5

C. 7

Answer: A

Badminton Quiz Questions

11. What do we call a shot that is hit high and deep into the court of the opponent?
A. Drive

B. Drop

C. Clear

Answer: C

12. Which has the greater length: the court for doubles or the court for singles?
A. Doubles

B. Singles

C. Same length

Answer: C

13. How high is the net on a badminton court?
A. 1.35 metres

B. 1.55 metres

C. 1.7t metres

Answer: B

14. When the score in a badminton game reaches 20-all, what can be the final score?
A. 22 – 20

B. 21 – 20

C. 23 – 20

Answer: A

15. When a rally is stopped and replayed without change to the score, what does it call?
A. A replay

B. A let

C. A draw

Answer: B

16. What is the other name of a shuttlecock in badminton?
A. A ball

B. A birdie

C. A run

Answer: B

17. A typical shuttlecock is typically comprised of how many overlapping feathers?
A. 8

B. 12

C. 16

Answer: C

18. What is the oldest badminton tournament in the world?
A. Malaysia Open

B. China Open

C. All-England Open

Answer: C

19. What is widely regarded as the most powerful shot or stroke in badminton?
A. A clear

B. A drive

C. A smash

Answer: C

20. Which country has won the largest number of gold medals in badminton the Summer Olympic Games?
A. China

B. Indonesia

C. Denmark

Answer: A

21. When the shuttlecock lands on the line of the court, it is considered to be out or in?
A. In

B. Out

C. Depending on the umpire

Answer: A

22. Is it a fault when a badminton player’s racquet touches the net when playing?
A. Yes

B. No

C. Depend on the situation

Answer: A

23. How frequent are the BWF World Rankings updated?
A. Every week

B. Every month

C. Every quarter

Answer: A

24. The first serve in a badminton game is started from which side of the court?
A. From the right-hand side

B. From the left-hand side

C. From the middle

Answer: A

25. Which male badminton player is widely regarded as the king of the backhand?
A. Lin Dan

B. Kento Momota

C. Taufik Hidayat

Answer: C

26. During each badminton game, the players will have a 1-minute break at which point?
A. 10

B. 11

C. 12

Answer: B

27. What is the maximum number of points that a badminton player can get in a game?
A. 21 points

B. 25 points

C. 30 points

Answer: C

28. When is a badminton match completed?
A. When a player wins 2 straight games

B. When a player wins 2 out of 3 games

C. When a player wins 3 out of 5 games

Answer: B

29. How many categories are there in badminton?
A. 2 categories: men’s singles and women’s singles

B. 3 categories: men’s singles, women’s singles, and mixed doubles

C. 5 categories: men’s singles, women’s singles, mixed doubles, and men’s doubles, women’s doubles

Answer: C

30. How often is the BWF World Championships held?
A. Every year

B. Every two years

C. Every four years

Answer: A

31. When was the first Badminton World Championships held?
A. Copenhagen, Denmark

B. London, England

C. Malmo, Sweden

Answer: C

32. The feathers from which animal make the best shuttlecocks in badminton?
A. Duck

B. Goose

C. Chicken

Answer: B

33. The head of a shuttlecock is made of which material?
A. Cork

B. Oak

C. Plastic

Answer: A

34. What is the name of the official badminton rules published by the BWF?
A. Rules of Badminton

B. Laws of Badminton

C. Badminton Act

Answer: B

35. Which body part generates the most force when hitting a shuttlecock?
A. Forearm

B. Wrist

C. Shoulder

Answer: B

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