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1. Which professional baseball player holds the record for the most home runs?

A. Hank Aaron

B. Barry Bonds

C. Charley Jones

2. How many people can be part of a baseball team at once?
A. 25

B. 18

C. 7

3. Who was the first African American to play in professional baseball?
A. Moses Fleetwood Walker

B. William Edward White

C. Jackie Roosevelt Robinson

4. Which MLB team has won the most World Series championships?
A. The New York Yankees

B. The San Francisco Giants

C. The Boston Red Sox

5. Which professional baseball player has played in the most games?
A. Ty Cobb

B. Babe Ruth

C. Pete Rose

6. How many foul balls can you bat before you’re out?
A. Unlimited

B. Three

C. Ten

7. There are _____ bases in baseball
A. 5

B. 3

C. 4

8. How do you score an automatic home run?
A. Hit the ball over the outfield fence

B. Hit a catcher with the ball

C. Hit the ball over to a spectator

9. Where did baseball originate?
A. North America

B. Europe

C. Australia

10. How many innings are there in a professional baseball game?
A. Five

B. Nine

C. Three

11. Which baseball player has played for the most teams?
A. Mike Trout

B. Babe Ruth

C. Octavio Dotel

12. The teams that battled during the first World Series were…
A. the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants

B. the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies

C. the Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Pirates

13. Which was the first team that Babe Ruth played for?
A. Boston Red Sox

B. New York Yankees

C. San Francisco Giants

14. Who was the youngest professional baseball player?
A. Hank Aaron

B. Joe Nuxhall

C. Bryce Harper

15. The university that former outfielder Ty Cobb attended was…
A. Harvard University

B. University of Massachusetts Amherst

C. Yale University

16. How many teams are part of the MLB league?
A. 28

B. 30

C. 15

There are 30 teams currently playing for MLB

17. Where and when was the first completely professional baseball team founded?
A. Houston / 1874

B. Cincinnati / 1869

C. Atlanta / 1883

18. Baseball season is usually from _____ to _____
A. the first Sunday of April / the first Sunday of October
B. the twenty-first Tuesday of May / the twenty-first Tuesday of August

C. the eighth Saturday of March / the eighth Saturday of December

19. How many games does every team play for a usual MLB season?
A. 139

B. 144

C. 162

Each team usually plays in 162 games for a single baseball season

20. Who has played in the most consecutive baseball games?
A. Cal Ripken Jr.

B. Babe Ruth

C. Lou Gehrig

Cal Ripken Jr. has played in over 2600 consecutive baseball games

21. Where is the National Baseball Hall of Fame located?
A. Cooperstown, New York

B. Odessa, Texas

C. Los Angeles, California

22. Whose official baseball card has the highest value?
A. Babe Ruth’s

B. Honus Wagner’s

C. Lou Gehrig’s

Due to its history and rarity, the T206 Honus Wagner is considered to be the most valuable card in history

23. The largest baseball park by seating in the United States is…
A. Dodger Stadium

B. Staples Center

C. Wrigley Field

24. The most expensive baseball park to build in the United States is…
A. Coors Field

B. Yankee Stadium

C. Fenway Park

25. Which baseball park is considered the best for home runs?
A. AT&T Park

B. Busch Stadium

C. Coors Field

26. Since 1961, which team holds the record for highest win-loss percentage?
A. Pittsburgh Pirates

B. Seattle Mariners

C. Detroit Wolverines

27. What are MLB baseball bats made of?
A. Wood

B. Plastic

C. Metal

28. The shortest player in MLB baseball is _____ at _____
A. Jose Altuve / 5’6”

B. Eddie Gaedel / 3’7”

C. Stubby Magner / 5’3”

29. Who is the only athlete to be named an “All-Star” in both baseball and football?
A. A. J. Hinch

B. Bo Jackson

C. Cy Young

30. Who is the only man to have played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl?
A. Deion Sanders

B. Jonathan Taylor

C. Dani Alves

31. Who is the only person to be inaugurated into both the Football and Baseball Hall of Fame?
A. Deion Sanders

B. Cal Hubbard

C. CC Cabathia

32. Who hit a home run just half an hour after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon?
A. Gaylord Perry

B. Walter Johnson

C. Roger Clemens

33. What was the birth name of legendary player Babe Ruth?
A. George Herman Ruth Jr.

B. Samuel Gerald Ruth Sr.

C. George Herman Ruth III

34. Of the three, which of these was not a nickname given to Babe Ruth during his baseball years?
A. “The Bambino”

B. “The Man”

C. “The Sultan of Sweat”

35. Babe Ruth began his career as a(/n)…
A. Batter

B. Pitcher

C. Outfielder

36. Barry Bonds holds the record for career home runs. Against what team did he break the record?
A. Washington Nationals

B. Pittsburgh Pirates

C. Chicago Cubs

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