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1. Who invented the game of Basketball?
Dr. James Naismith

2. When and where was it first played?
In 1891 at Springfield College, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

3. What is the circumference and the weight of the ball?
30 inches, 20-22 oz.

4. What are the measurement of the court?
94×50 feet

5. What area is called the “key”?
The 6-foot semi-circle used for free throws

6. How high from the ground is the ring of the basket?
10 feet

7. How many players does a basketball team consist of and how many can play at a time?
10, 5

8. In International competitions how are the vests numbered?
4 to 15

9. How does the game begin?
By “Jump Ball” – the referee tossing up the ball in the centre circle;

10. Which ancient South American game played in the Yucatan peninsula is somewhat similar to basketball?
Pok- tapok

11. Which Mexican sixteenth century sport similar to basketball allowed the successful player to claim the clothing of all the spectators?

12. How many points are awarded for a basket?

13. When was FIBA (International Amateur Basketball Federation) formed?

14. When was Basketball included in the Olympics and who won?
1936, U.S.A.

15. When was women’s Basketball included as an Olympic event and who won?
1976, U.S.S.R.

16. When was the Men’s World Championship first held and who won?
1950, Argentina

17. And when was the Women’s World championship first held and who won?
1953, U.S.A.

18. When and where were the Nationals first held?
1934, Delhi;

19. What trophy is awarded to the winners of the National (Men’s) Championship?
Edward William Todd Memorial Cup

20. What trophy is awarded to the winners of the National (Women’s) Championship?
Basalat Jab Trophy

21. Since when have the Nationals become an annual affair?
1951, earlier these used to be biennial

22. When was the Junior National Championship started?

23. When did India achieve its first success in International Basketball?
1962 (Lahore), Quadrangular League Tournament;

24. Name the most famous professional basketball team?
Harlem Globetrotters

25. When did the I.B.F. propose a rule banning players taller than 6 feet 3 inches?
1936 Olympics, it was later withdrawn

26. The 1936 Olympics was held outdoors on clay and sand courts. True and False?

27. The U.S.A. had a 63-game winning streak in Basketball in Olympics. When did it end?
1972, Munich

28. Who opposed the U.S.A. in the 1936 final and what was the score?
Canada, 19-8;

29. Which country lost two successive match in the 1948 Olympics by 100 points?
Iraq (20-120 to Korea and 25-125 to China)

30. Which country has won most Olympic title (Men) and how many?
U.S.A., 9

31. What is the record of the highest score in an international match?
251-33, Iraq beat Yemen, New Delhi, 1982

32. Who is the tallest player to have played international Basketball?
Suleiman Ali Nashnush (Libya), 8 feet

33. And the tallest international basketball player amongst women?
Iuliana Semenova (U.S.S.R.), 7 ft 2 in.

34. Besides the U.S.A. which other countries have won the Olympics gold in Men’s Basketball?
U.S.S.R. (1972 and 1988) and Yugoslavia (1980)

35. And in women’s, which countries have won the gold?
U.S.S.R., 1976 and 1980, and U.S.A., 1984, 1988

36. What is maximum attendance ever for a Basketball game?
75,000 at the Olympic Stadium, Berlin, in 1951 in an exhibition match featuring Harlem Globetrotters

37. Who has played the most Games in his lifetime?
Karim Abdul Jabbar (U.S.A.), 1486

38. And who has scored the most field goals?
K.A. Jabbar (formerly Lew Alcindor)

39. When was Women’s Basketball included in the Asian Games? Who won?
1974, Japan

40. Which country won the Men’s title in four successive Asiads?
Philippines (1951 to 1962).

41. What is an alley-oop?
A. The ball-handler throws the basketball near the basket to their teammate who dunks it in

B. The ball-handler rolls around their teammate to protect the ball from the enemy

C. The ball-handler throws the ball from the half-court.

An alley-oop occurs when the ball-handler throws the ball to their teammate who then dunks it in the basket before touching the ground.

42. What is the highest governing body of basketball?
A. EuroLeague



FIBA, or the International Basketball Federation, is an association of the different national basketball organizations.

43. When was basketball made?
A. 1737

B. 1974

C. 1891

Basketball was formed in 1891 by a professor in a YMCA training school.

44. Who made basketball?
A. James Naismith

B. William Morgan

C. Jim Thorpe

James Naismith, a physical education professor and instructor, founded basketball as a way to keep his students active on rainy days.

45. There are __ total players on the basketball at one time.
A. 5 players

B. 10 players

C. 15 players

There are a total of 10 players – 5 on each team – on the court at one time.

46. A free throw is worth…
A. 1 point

B. 2 points

C. 3 points

Free throws are worth 1 point for every successful throw.

47. When would a player be awarded a free throw?
A. When they make a shot from the half-court.

B. When they are fouled while shooting.

C. When they perform an assist.

If the ball-handler is fouled while attempting to make a shot into the net, they are awarded a free throw.

48. After a player commits their first FFP1 (Flagrant Foul “1”)…
A. the opposing team is awarded two free throws and possession of the ball.

B. their team is given 10 points.

C. they are ejected from the game.

For a player’s first FFP1, the other team is given two free throws and possession of the basketball. If they make their second, however, they will be ejected from the game.

49. After a player commits an FFP2…
A. their team is disqualified.

B. the other team is given 20 points.

C. they are ejected from the game.

After a player commits their first FFP2, they are immediately ejected from the game.

50. What is a turnover?
A. When the two teams switch.

B. The different ways that possession of the ball goes from one team to another.

C. A player is transferred to the other team during a game.

A turnover is any of the various ways that possession of the ball goes from one team to another.

51. A run-and-gun is…
A. a fast-paced offensive style used by teams.

B. when a player fouls another by bumping into them.

C. the act of stealing the ball from another player.

Run-and-gun refers to an offensive style that emphasizes fast breaks and scoring opportunities.

52. _____-picking is a strategy that involves a player waiting around for scoring opportunities rather than defends.
A. Apple

B. Orange

C. Cherry

Cherry-picking is a controversial tactic and is often a violation in amateur basketball leagues.

53. What happens when a buzzer-beater makes it in?
A. The shot is replayed

B. The points count

C. The points don’t count

If a player shoots the ball before the buzzer but it goes in after, it is called a buzzer-beater. Buzzer-beaters still count as long as the ball leaves the player’s hand before the buzzer.

54. What does BEEF mean?
A. Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow Through

B. Basketball, Elbow, Endline, Free-Throw

C. Box and One, Euro Step, Elevator Screen, Field Goal

BEEF is an acronym used by coaches to show proper shooting technique. It stands for “Balance, Eyes, Elbow, and Follow Through.”

55. The main responsibility of the “center” player is to…
A. make baskets

B. steal the ball and block attacks

C. secure rebounds and defend the paint

The main responsibility of the “center” is to secure rebounds and defend the paint.

56. A rebound is…
A. a type of move

B. a technique

C. a statistic

A “rebound” is a statistic that is given to a player who gains possession of the basketball after a missed shot. An offensive rebound comes from a player on offense while a defensive rebound comes from a player on defense.

57. What is one way to legally make a steal?
A. Deflect a pass

B. Yank the ball from the ball-handler

C. Trip the ball-handler

One legal way to make a steal in basketball is to deflect a pass attempt.

58. Kicking a basketball is what kind of foul?
A. Personal foul

B. Flagrant foul

C. Technical foul

Kicking a basketball is a kind of technical foul.

59. Physical contact between two players is what kind of foul?
A. Personal foul

B. Flagrant foul

C. Technical foul

Physical contact between two players is a kind of personal foul.

60. What is a technical foul?
A. A foul that comes from significant physical contact

B. A foul unrelated to physical contact.

C. A foul that occurs when neither team is in clear possession of the ball

Technical fouls do not relate to physical contact.

61. Which team won the first NBA Championship?
A. Cavaliers

B. Rockets

C. Lakers

The Minneapolis Lakers won the first NBA Championship in 1950.

62. The first Coach of the Year Award was presented to…
A. Harry Gallatin

B. Steve Kerr

C. Rick Carlisle

The first Coach of the Year Award was presented to Harry Gallatin in th 1962-1963 season.

63. The first NBA player to win five season MVP awards was…
A. Bill Russell

B. LeBron James

C. Michael Jordan

The first NBA player to win five season MVP awards was Bill Russell

64. The regulation goal in basketball is __ feet high.
A. 15

B. 10

C. 5

The regulation goal is 10 feet high.

65. The first basketball game used ________ as goals.
A. peach baskets

B. trash cans

C. cereal bowls

The first basketball game used peach baskets as goals.

66. How long can a defensive player stand in the paint without guarding anyone?
A. 3 seconds

B. 5 seconds

C. 7 seconds

In the NBA, a defensive player can only stand on the paint for 3 seconds without guarding, but the rule is not enforced in European basketball.

67. What is traveling?
A. When the ball-handler takes too many steps with the ball without bouncing it

B. When a player is moved from one team to another

C. When the ball flies from one end of the court to another

Traveling occurs when the ball-handler takes too many steps without dribbling the ball.

68. Traveling results in…
A. an infraction

B. a point

C. a redo

If a player travels with the ball, it is considered an infraction and an immediate turnover.

69. In theory, an NBA game is ______ long.
A. 48 minutes

B. 60 minutes

C. 2 hours

An NBA game is supposed to be 48 minutes long, but because of fouls, time-outs, and the halftime, the actual duration of games are around 120 to 150 minutes.

70. The two lines at each end of the basketball court are known as…
A. Base lines

B. Endzones

C. Parallels

The two lines are known as base lines, or end lines.

71. When a person dribbles with both hands simultaneously, it is known as…
A. a goaltend

B. a drabble

C. a double-dribble

When a person dribbles with both hands simultaneously, it is known as a double-dribble.

72. Goaltending is when a defender…
A. stays directly in front of the basket, making advancers unable to shoot

B. touches the ball while it’s on its downward path

C. prevents an alley-oop from occurring

Goaltending is when a defender touches the ball while it’s on its downward path.

73. Before becoming the Houston Rockets, where did the team play?
A. Los Angeles

B. San Antonio

C. San Diego

Before becoming the Houston Rockets, the team played in San Diego from 1967 to 1970.

74. Sidney Wicks attended…


C. Harvard University

Sidney Wicks attended UCLA.

75. Which currently active NBA player has the most points?
A. LeBron James

B. Stephen Curry

C. Dirk Nowitzki

LeBron James, with over 32,000 points and an average 27.2 points per game, is the highest-scoring active player in the NBA.

76. What was the starting lineup for the 1992 Dream Team in the Gold Medal game against Croatia?
A. Jordan, Pippen, Ewing, Johnson and Malone

B. Jordan, Pippen, Ewing, Johnson and Barkley

C. Jordan, Pippen, Robinson, Johnson and Barkley

Jordan, Pippen, Ewing, Johnson and Malone.

77. Who was the tallest NBA player on the 1992 Dream Team?
A. Patrick Ewing

B. David Robinson

C. Larry Bird

David Robinson at 2.16m (7’1″).

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