300+ TOP Beginning With C Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Beginning With C Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which general-purpose programming language was developed by a Danish computer scientist named Bjarne Stroustrup in 1985?
A. C

B. C#

C. C++

Answer: C. C++

2. What is the most populous state in the United States?
A. California

B. Connecticut

C. Colorado

Answer: A. California

3. Which chemical element is the single component of diamonds?
A. Cobalt

B. Carbon

C. Cadmium

Answer: B. Carbon

4. In Greek mythology, which creature has the upper body of a human and the legs and lower body of a horse?
A. Cerberus

B. Centaur

C. Chimera

Answer: B. Centaur

5. In which country can you visit Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world?
A. China

B. Columbia

C. Cambodia

Answer: C. Cambodia

6. Which reptile is able to change the colour of its body to match the surroundings and hide away from predators?
A. Corn snake

B. Cobra

C. Chameleon

Answer: C. Chameleon

7. Which city is the capital of Egypt?
A. Cairo

B. Caracas

C. Columbus

Answer: A. Cairo

8. What is the name of the clear protective coating on the front of our eyes?
A. Cerebellum

B. Cornea

C. Clavicle

Answer: B. Cornea

9. Which famous actor came only in the third when participating in a contest to find his own lookalike?
A. Chris Pratt

B. Charlie Chaplin

C. Christoph Waltz

Answer: B. Charlie Chaplin

10. Cassia and Ceylon are the two most popular types of which spice?
A. Chilies

B. Cinnamon

C. Cilantro

Answer: B. Cinnamon

11. Which of the following songs starts with: “Wise men say. Only fools rush in”?
A. Counting Stars

B. Californication

C. Can’t Help Falling In Love

Answer: C. Can’t Help Falling In Love

12. Which dog breed originated from China and has a bear-like or lion-like appearance?
A. Chihuahua

B. Chow Chow

C. Collie

Answer: B. Chow Chow

13. Which of the following car brands is mostly associated with U.S. Presidents?
A. Cadillac

B. Chevrolet

C. Chrysler

Answer: A. Cadillac

14. Which of the following is a popular match-three puzzle game developed by King in 2012?
A. Call of Duty

B. Candy Crush Saga

C. Counter Strike

Answer: B. Candy Crush Saga

15. Which of the following is a political association of former territories of the British Empire?
A. Commonwealth of Nations

B. Commonwealth of Independent States

C. Commonwealth of Sovereign States

Answer: A. Commonwealth of Nations

16. Which of the following sports is competed in the Winter Olympics?
A. Curling

B. Cross triathlon

C. Croquet

Answer: A. Curling

17. Which of the following vegetables can help improve our night vision?
A. Cabbage

B. Cucumber

C. Carrot

Answer: C. Carrot

18. The pastry is widely regarded as the national dish of which county in the United Kingdom?
A. Cheshire

B. Cornwall

C. Cumberland

Answer: B. Cornwall

19. Which popular cocktail consists of cranberry juice, triple sec, vodka, and sweetened or freshly squeezed lime juice?
A. Cosmopolitan

B. Caipirinha

C. Californication

Answer: A. Cosmopolitan

20. In the periodic table, what is the chemical symbol for copper?
A. Cu

B. Ce

C. Co

Answer: A. Cu

21. What is the family name of the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and also the only woman to win the Nobel Prize two times?
A. Copernicus

B. Curie

C. Carson

Answer: B. Curie

22. The French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte was born on which island in the Mediterranean Sea?
A. Corsica

B. Cyprus

C. Crete

Answer: A. Corsica

23. Which of the following colours is a shade of red?
A. Cordovan

B. Cinereous

C. Coquelicot

Answer: C. Coquelicot

24. Which of the following terms refers to the fear of snow?
A. Chionophobia

B. Cibophobia

C. Chromophobia

Answer: A. Chionophobia

25. What is the family name of the author who wrote “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?
A. Carroll

B. Cook

C. Clark

Answer: A. Carroll

26. The acronym OECD stands for Organisation for Economic … and Development.
A. Collaboration

B. Co-operation

C. Coordination

Answer: B. Co-operation

27. Which modifier key is located between the space bar and the Option key in a typical keyboard of Macbook laptops?
A. Control

B. Command

C. Copy

Answer: B. Command

28. Which character in a folk tale has to return home before midnight as her beautiful dress will turn into rags?
A. Cherub

B. Cruella

C. Cinderella

Answer: C. Cinderella

29. Which kind of plant is depicted on the national flag of Lebanon?
A. Cedar

B. Canarywood

C. Chestnut

Answer: A. Cedar

30. Which country has the world’s longest coastline with a total length of more than 243,000 kilometres?
A. Chile

B. China

C. Canada

Answer: C. Canada

31. Selhurst Park is the home ground of which English football club?
A. Chelsea FC

B. Crystal Palace FC

C. Cardiff City FC

Answer: B. Crystal Palace FC

32. Which branded drink was first developed by a pharmacist named Dr. John Pemberton in 1886?
A. Corona

B. Coca-Cola

C. Cappy

Answer: B. Coca-Cola

33. Who is the author of great works like “Great Expectations”, “Oliver Twist”, and “A Tale of Two Cities”?
A. Charles Dickens

B. Charlotte Bronte

C. Charles Darwin

Answer: A. Charles Dickens

34. BBC stands for British Broadcasting …
A. Company

B. Corporation

C. Centre

Answer: B. Corporation

35. Which fictional character in Marvel Comics can emit powerful beams of energy from his eyes?
A. Captain America

B. Charles Xavier

C. Cyclops

Answer: C. Cyclops

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