300+ TOP Beginning with S Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Beginning With S Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the national sport of Japan in which two people compete with each other in a circular ring?
A. Softball

B. Sumo

C. Squash

Answer: B. Sumo

2. What is the largest hot desert in the world with an area of approximately 9,200,000 square kilometres?
A. Syrian Desert

B. Sonoran Desert

C. Sahara Desert

Answer: C. Sahara Desert

3. “The Black Cats” is the nickname of which English football club?
A. Sunderland

B. Swansea City

C. Sheffield United

Answer: A. Sunderland

4. Which of the following kinds of fish is able to look backwards and forwards at the same time?
A. Salmon

B. Seahorse

C. Shark

Answer: B. Seahorse

5. Located in Northern California, what is the name of the world’s tech hub that is home to many high-tech companies, such as Apple, Meta, or Alphabet?
A. San Francisco Bay

B. Silicon Valley

C. San Jose Metropolitan

Answer: B. Silicon Valley

6. Which of the following countries has 3 capital cities for 3 different branches of government?
A. South Africa

B. Spain

C. Slovakia

Answer: A. South Africa

7. What is the largest city and also the capital of Sweden?
A. Sofia

B. Sevilla

C. Stockholm

Answer: C. Stockholm

8. What is the second-largest branch of Islam that is especially popular in Iran?
A. Sunni

B. Shinto

C. Shi’a

Answer: C. Shi’a

9. What is one of the most expensive spices in the world, which is characterised by its reddish colour?
A. Sage

B. Sesame

C. Saffron

Answer: C. Saffron

10. In New Zealand, which animal outnumbers people by the ratio of 6 to 1?
A. Sheep

B. Squirrel

C. Skunk

Answer: A. Sheep

11. Which German racing driver became the youngest World Champion in Formula One in 2010 when he was at the age of 23?
A. Stirling Moss

B. Sebastian Vettel

C. Sergio Pérez

Answer: B. Sebastian Vettel

12. In which of the following video games do you have to control a blue character to fight the mad scientist Doctor Eggman?
A. SimCity

B. StarCraft

C. Sonic the Hedgehog

Answer: C. Sonic the Hedgehog

13. “Hips Don’t Lie”, “Whenever, Wherever”, and “Waka Waka” are the biggest hits of which famous singer?
A. Shakira

B. Selena Gomez

C. Snoop Dogg

Answer: A. Shakira

14. In the periodic table, Na is the chemical symbol of which element?
A. Sulfur

B. Sodium

C. Silicon

Answer: B. Sodium

15. What is the name of the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and also one of the 20 regions in Italy?
A. Santorini

B. Sardinia

C. Sicily

Answer: C. Sicily

16. Which Brazilian style of dance is characterised by a rocking, swaying motion and rapid rhythmic steps from the dancers?
A. Salsa

B. Swing dance

C. Samba

Answer: C. Samba

17. What is the name of the Roman gladiator and slave who led an uprising against Rome between 73 and 71 B.C.?
A. Spiculus

B. Spartacus

C. Seuthes

Answer: B. Spartacus

18. What is the name of the American satellite communications corporation and spacecraft manufacturer founded by Elon Musk in 2002?
A. SpaceX

B. Starlink

C. Stesla

Answer: A. SpaceX

19. Which of the following countries shares the borders with Libya, Egypt, Chad, and Eritrea?
A. Sudan

B. Somalia

C. Sierra Leone

Answer: A. Sudan

20. The ceiling of which chapel in the Vatican was painted in fresco by Michelangelo from 1508 to 1512?
A. Sistine Chapel

B. Sainte-Chappelle

C. St. Paul’s Chapel

Answer: A. Sistine Chapel

21. Which food is typically served with jam during team time?
A. Schnitzel

B. Scones

C. Swiss cheese

Answer: B. Scones

22. In 1988, which female tennis player became the first one to achieve the Golden Slam by winning the Olympic Gold Medal and all four Grand Slams in the same year?
A. Serena Williams

B. Simona Halep

C. Steffi Graf

Answer: C. Steffi Graf

23. Which of the following colours is often associated with Christian martyrs and the blood of Christ?
A. Scarlet

B. Sage

C. Sienna

Answer: A. Scarlet

24. Which of the following terms refers to the fear of Halloween?
A. Selenophobia

B. Samhainophobia

C. Scolionophobia

Answer: B. Samhainophobia

25. What is the nickname for Snorlax, a heavy and large Pokémon with a closed mouth and closed slit eyes?
A. Sleeping Pokémon

B. Sexy Pokémon

C. Screaming Pokémon

Answer: A. Sleeping Pokémon

26. The first successful vaccine against which disease was developed by Edward Jenner in 1796?
A. Scabies

B. Shingles

C. Smallpox

Answer: C. Smallpox

27. What is the name of the dialect and accent mainly associated with Liverpool and Merseyside county?
A. Smoggie

B. Scouse

C. Sussex

Answer: B. Scouse

28. What is the name of the colorless, lime and lemon-flavored soft drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company?
A. Sprite

B. Sunkist

C. Sierra Mist

Answer: A. Sprite

29. Based on Munich, Germany, which is the largest industrial manufacturing firm in Europe?
A. Skoda

B. Siemens

C. Samsung

Answer: B. Siemens

30. Which car brand has the logo of a green winged arrow with three features inside a circle?
A. Suzuki

B. Subaru

C. Skoda

Answer: C. Skoda

31. Which dog breed has white, thick, double-layer coats like a cloud?
A. Samoyed

B. Siberian husky

C. Scottish terrier

Answer: A. Samoyed

32. What is the name of a 2012 movie about James Bond with the theme song of the same name performed by Adele?
A. Silver Linings Playbook

C. Saving Private Ryan

C. Skyfall

Answer: C. Skyfall

33. Who was the leader of the Soviet Union between 1922 and 1952?
A. Stalin

B. Sholokhov

C. Spektor

Answer: A. Stalin

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