300+ TOP Benedict XI Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

(Benedict XI is referred by his baptismal name for the times before he became pope.)

Benedict XI Quiz Questions

1. Where was Niccolo Boccasini born?
A. Ottoville
B. Viterbao
C. Treviso
D. Saverdun

2. Which order did Niccolo Boccasini join?
A. Cistercian
B. Carthusian
C. Franciscan
D. Dominican

3. When did Niccolo Boccasini become the master general?
A. 1248
B. 1294
C. 1296
D. 1276

4. When was Niccolo Boccasini created cardinal?
A. 9 January 1288
B. 18 April 1290
C. 10 August 1294
D. 4 December 1298

5. Where was Niccolo Boccasini legate?
A. Naples
B. Sicily
C. Corsica
D. Hungary

6. Niccolo Boccasini stood by the pope when the pope was seized by the supporters of Philip IV? Who was the pope?
A. Innocent III
B. Boniface VIII
C. Alexander VI
D. Leo X

7. When was Benedict XI elected pope?
A. 2 February 1299
B. 6 June 1298
C. 14 September 1294
D. 22 October 1303

8. Benedict XI refused to pardon two persons for their roles against his predecessor? One was Sciarra Colonna. Who was the second person?
A. Robert Bruce
B. William Wallace
C. Guillaume de Nogaret
D. John II

9. When did Benedict XI die?
A. 9 March 1402
B. 25 April 1342
C. 7 July 1304
D. 15 November 1360

10. Where did Benedict XI die?
A. Anagni
B. Avignon
C. Perugia
D. Rome

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