300+ TOP Benedict XII Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Benedict XII Quiz Questions

(Benedict XII is referred by his baptismal name for the times before he became pope)

1) Where was Jaques Fournier born?
A. Ottoville
B. Monrovia
C. Nairobi
D. Saverdun

2) Which order did Jaques Fournier join?
A. Cistercian
B. Carthusian
C. Franciscan
D. Dominican

3) Where did Jaques Fournier become doctor of theology?
A. Padua
B. Paris
C. Vienna
D. Barcelona

4) Where was Jaques Fournier abbot?
A. Fontfroide
B. Luxembourg
C. Frankfurt
D. Munich

5) Of which diocese was Jaques Fournier appointed bishop in 1317?
A. Nantes
B. Pamiers
C. Noyon
D. Montreal

6) Of which diocese was Jaques Fournier appointed bishop in 1326?
A. Mirepoix
B. Clermont
C. Brazzaville
D. Yellowknife

7) When was Benedict XII elected pope?
A. 3 January 1346
B. 19 April 1342
C. 17 August 1348
D. 20 December 1334

8) Which bull did Benedict XII issue to put an end to the controversy regarding beatific vision?
A. Deus Caritas Est
B. Benedictus Deus
C. Divino Afflante Spiritu
D.In Principio

9) Which war broke out between England and France during the papacy of Benedict XII?
A. War of the Roses
B. Hundred Years’ War
C. War of Spanish Succession
D. Seven Years’ War

10) When did Benedict XII die?
A. 9 March 1402
B. 25 April 1342
C. 22 September 1350
D. 15 November 1360

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