100+ TOP Benjamin Disraeli Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Benjamin Disraeli Quiz Questions

1. When was Benjamin Disraeli born?
A. 7 January 1800
B. 3 June 1802
C. 14 August 1798
D. 21 December 1804

2. Where was Benjamin Disraeli born?
A. Wycombe
B. London
C. Maidstone
D. Liverpool

3. In which novel Benjamin Disraeli lampooned publisher John Murray?
A. Henrietta Temple
B. Coningsby
C. Vivian Grey
D. Lothair

4. When did Benjamin Disraeli write The Young Duke?
A. 1831
B. 1828
C. 1936
D. 1934

5. Which party did Benjamin Disraeli join?
A. Liberal
B. Conservative
C. Republican
D. Labour

6. Who was Prime Minister when Benjamin Disraeli was Chancellor of the Exchequer?
A. Robert Peel
B. John Russell
C. Edward Stanley
D. George Bentinck

7. When was Benjamin Disraeli’s second term as Prime Minister of UK?
A. 1874-1880
B. 1841-1846
C. 1846-1852
D. 1862-1868

8. Which title was given to Queen Victoria in 1876?
A. Defender of the faith
B. Head of Commonwealth
C. Empress of India
D. Supreme Governor of the Church of England

9. When did Benjamin Disraeli die?
A. 26 March 1889
B. 19 April 1881
C. 11 July 1893
D. 12 November 1901

10. Where did Benjamin Disraeli die?
A. Berlin
B. Cairo
C. Vienna
D. London

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