300+ TOP Bernoulli’s Equation MCQs and Answers Quiz [Latest]

Bernoulli’s Equation Multiple Choice Questions

1. The dynamic pressure is given by ______

a. 0.5ρ*V2
b. ρ* V2
c. 3*V2
d. 5ρ* V2

2. The aircraft fly based on which principle _________

a. Newton’s third law
b. Conservation of mass
c. Bernoulli’s principle
d. Gravity

3. Bernoulli’s equation is applicable only for _______

a. Irrotational flow
b. Viscous flow
c. Inviscid, incompressible flow
d. Compressible flow

4. The point where the fluid comes to rest is called as ___________

a. Rest point
b. Stagnation point
c. Viscous point
d. Boundary layer point

5. Stagnation pressure or the total pressure is the sum of _________

a. Kinetic and potential energy
b. Static and dynamic pressure
c. Kinetic energy +potential energy +gravity
d. Cannot be determined

6. The coefficient of pressure at stagnation point is ___________

a. 0
b. 0.5
c. 1
d. 2

7. The relation between pressure and velocity in an inviscid, incompressible flow is given by __________

a. p = constant
b. p + 0.5ρ*V2 = constant
c. 0.5ρ*V2 = 0
d. p + 0.5ρ*V2 = 0

8. The pressure for an ideal gas can be given by ____________

a. pV=nRT
b. p=RT
c. pV=T
d. p=VT

9. Bernoulli’s equation can be directly applied to viscous flow.

a. True
b. False

10. Bernoulli’s equation can be applied to compressible flow at which of the following matches the number?

a. mach number less than 1
b. mach number equal to 1
c. higher mach numbers
d. does not depends on mach number

11. Bernoulli’s principle is derived from which of the following?

a. Conservation of mass
b. Conservation of energy
c. Newton’s law of motion
d. Conservation of momentum

12. An increase in the speed of the flow leads to an increase in kinetic energy and dynamic pressure.

a. True
b. False

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