300+ TOP Biodiversity and Conservation MCQs & Answers

Biodiversity and Conservation Multiple Choice Questions

1. MAB program stands for

a. Man and biotechnology
b. Material and biology
c. Man and Biology
d. Man and Biosphere

2. Red data book contains data of

a. all plant species
b. all animal species
c. economically important species
d. threatened species

3. IUCN (The International Union For Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources) headquarters is at

a. Morges, Switzerland
b. Paris, France
c. Vienna, Austria
d. NewYork, USA

4. IUCN is also called as

a. Man and Biosphere program
b. World Conservation Union
c. World Conservation Consortium
d. World Wide Conservation Union

5. Which of the following region has maximum diversity

a. mangrooves
b. temperate rainforest
c. taiga
d. coral reefs

6. Approximately, 50% of total world species are present on

a. tropical rain forest
b. temperate rain forest
c. temperate deciduous forest
d. coral reefs

7. Biodiversity

a. increases towards the equator
b. decreases towards the equator
c. remains same throughout the planet
d. has no effect on change in latitude

8. The most important reason for decrease in biodiversity is

a. habitat pollution
b. introduction of exotic species
c. over-exploitation
d. habitat destruction

9. Dodo is

a. endangered
b. critically endangered
c. rare
d. extinct

10. Blue whale is placed under

a. endangered
b. critically endangered
c. rare
d. extinct

11. Conservation within the natural habitat is

a. insitu conservation
b. exsitu conservation
c. invivo conservation
d. exvivo conservation

12. All are insitu conservation efforts except

a. National parks
b. Sanctuaries
c. Zoo
d. biosphere reserves

13. Ex situ conservation includes

a. Zoo
b. Botanic garden
c. Germplasm bank
d. all of the above

14. Hot spots are regions of high

a. rarity
b. endemism
c. critically endangered population
d. diversity

15. Endemic species are

a. rare species
b. species localized in a specific region
c. cosmopolitan in distribution
d. critically endangered species

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