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Biopsy Procedures Multiple Choice Questions

  1. 60-year-old woman with a past history of adenocarcinoma of the breast complaining of an ulcer on the right lateral border of her tongue. Fractured cusp on the mandibular right molar which exposes a sharp margin of dental amalgum is found during routine clinical examination. Treatment of choice is:
    A. Immediate biopsy of the lesion
    B. Restoration of the tooth and biopsy in 2 weeks if necessary
    C. Restoration of the tooth
    D. Restoration of the tooth with biopsy in 2 months, if the lesion does not heal
  2. Of the following in which condition a biopsy should not be performed on a tissue. When the tissue:
    A. responds to local treatment
    B. is associated with paresthesia
    C. suddenly enlarges
    D. B & C
  3. A man has I x 1.5 cm pedunculated lesion on the soft palate which has a rough, “warty” surface but is the same colour as adjacent mucosa. Appropriate management of this lesion is to:
    A. Perform an incisional biopsy
    B. Perform excisional biopsy
    C. Scrape for exfoliative cytology
    D. Observe for two weeks
  4. Of the following conditions, where is an incisional biopsy indicated
    A. 4 cm hemangioma of the tongue
    B. 3 cm leucoplakia of the soft palate
    C. 0.5 cm papillary fibroma of the
    D. 1.5 cm exostosis of jaw gingival
  5. Which one of the following should not be done during in incisional biopsy of soft tissue:
    A. Place suture through the intended specimens before removing it
    B. Infiltrate local anesthetic solution around the intended site
    C. Place the specimen in saline if 10% formalin is unavailable
    D. Obtain Edge of the lesion along with adjacent normal tissues
  6. A patient came to dental clinic with a growth on the inside of the cheek that is approximately 0.5 cm in diameter and not painful. He noticed the swelling 3 months back. The best treatment is to
    A. Remove all growth and send for biopsy
    B. Observe periodically
    C. Start antibiotic medication
    D. Remove part of the growth and send for biopsy
  7. Which of the following represents excisional biopsy?
    A. Exfoliative cytologic technique
    B. Including normal tissue and all of the lesion
    C. Including normal tissue and most of the lesion
    D. Removing a representative section of the pathological tissue (or) lesion and some adjacent normal tissue for comparison
  8. 5 cm highly suspicious lesion of the floor of the mouth is to studied microscopically. A specimen is best obtained by:
    A. Incisional biopsy
    B. Excisional biopsy
    C. FNAC
    D. None of the above
  9. Biopsy specimens removed for examinations are immediately placed in
    A. 10% ethanol
    B. 10% formalin
    C. hydrogen peroxide
    D. 1% formalin
  10. A negative histopathoiogy report of a highly suspicious oral lesion suggests?
    A. No malignant potential of the lesion
    B. Lesion should be stained with toludine blue like stains
    C. Periodical recalls are necessary to assess the nature of the lesion
    D. That another biopsy is necessary in view of the clinical impression

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