100+ TOP Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT) Online Test – Questions

1. Most of the electrons in the base of an NPN transistor flow:


2. A transistor may be used as a switching device or as a:


3. Voltage-divider bias provides:


4. Three different Q points are shown on a dc load line. The upper Q point represents the:


5. To operate properly, a transistor’s base-emitter junction must be forward biased with reverse bias applied to which junction?


6. In a transistor, collector current is controlled by:


7. With low-power transistor packages, the base terminal is usually the:


8. What is the current gain for a common-base configuration where IE = 4.2 mA and IC = 4.0 mA?


9. In a C-E configuration, an emitter resistor is used for:


10. The C-B configuration is used to provide which type of gain?


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