300+ TOP Black History Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

Black History Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. Britain first passed an official act to outlaw the institution of slavery in which year?
A. 1799

B. 1833

C. 1875

Answer: B. 1833

2. In 1996, Kofi Annan became the first black African Secretary Generation of which international organization?
A. International Monetary Fund

B. United Nations

C. World Bank

Answer: B. United Nations

3. Who was the first black goalkeeper to play in Britain?
A. David James

B. Arther Wharton

C. Clyde Best

Answer: B. Arther Wharton

4. Paul Stephenson, Roy Hackett, and Guy Bailey made history as part of the 1963 campaign against a bus firm that refused to hire Asian and black drivers in which city in the UK?
A. Bristol

B. Liverpool

C. London

Answer: A. Bristol

5. Which pioneer of hair products became the first black female millionaire in the U.S.?
A. Mary Ellen

B. Folorunsho Alakija

C. Sarah Breedlove

Answer: C. Sarah Breedlove

6. What was the approximate population of black people in London by the end of the 1700s?
A. Around 2,000 people

B. Around 20,000 people

C. Around 200,000 people

Answer: B. Around 20,000 people

7. Born in Trinidad, Billy Ocean is the biggest selling black recording star in Britain. How many records has he sold during his lifetime?
A. 10 million

B. 20 million

C. 30 million

Answer: C. 30 million

8. In 1981, Charles Chapman became the first black athlete to swim across which water region?
A. English Channel

B. Mediterranean Sea

C. Atlantic Ocean

Answer: A. English Channel

9. Which black British newspaper was founded in 1995 by Ghanaian son-in-law of Rupert Murdoch?
A. The West Indian Gazette

B. The New Nation

C. The Voice

Answer: C. The Voice

10. Naomi Campbell was first on the cover of the French Vogue magazine in which year?
A. 1980

B. 1988

C. 1996

Answer: B. 1988

11. Which footballer became the first black player to captain England in 1993?
A. Sol Campbell

B. John Barnes

C. Paul Ince

Answer: C. Paul Ince

12. The statue of which person was toppled by protestors during the Black Lives Matter movement in Bristol on June 7, 2020?
A. Trayvon Martin

B. Edward Colston

C. Barbara Blake

Answer: B. Edward Colston

13. Died in London in 1881, which black nurse is known for saving the lives of many British soldiers in the 1885 Crimean War?
A. Milton Hanson

B. Mary Seacole

C. Nola Ishmael

Answer: B. Mary Seacole

14. Which black female singer performed three theme songs in the James Bond movies?
A. Shirley Bassey

B. Sade Adu

C. Carole Bayer Sager

Answer: A. Shirley Bassey

15. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Who said that?
A. Malcolm X

B. Martin Luther King Jr.

C. Rosa Parks

Answer: B. Martin Luther King Jr.

16. British taxpayers stopped paying off incurred government debt to compensate slave owners due to the abolition of slavery. When did this happen?
A. 2005

B. 2010

C. 2015

Answer: C. 2015

17. Who was the first African-American student to graduate from Harvard University and later become a senator in the U.S. government?
A. Hiram Rhodes Revels

B. Barack Obama

C. Blanche Bruce

Answer: A. Hiram Rhodes Revels

18. In which year were the first African slaves brought to North America?
A. 1619

B. 1685

C. 1727

Answer: A. 1619

19. What is the name of the first historically black university in the United States of America?
A. Colby College

B. Lincoln University

C. Cheyney University

Answer: C. Cheyney University

20. What is Rosa Parks known for?
A. Protecting a black child from white passengers on the bus

B. Donating millions of dollars for black charities

C. Refusing to give her seat to a white man on the bus

Answer: C. Refusing to give her seat to a white man on the bus

21. The Notting Hill Carnival is an important event in Black British culture. When did the first even happen?
A. 1966

B. 1970

C. 1974

Answer: A. 1966

22. Harold Moddy established this organisation in 1931 to fight for civil rights and racial equality in Britain and other parts of the world. What is it?
A. The United Organization of Coloured People

B. British Association of Racial Equality

C. The League of Coloured Peoples

Answer: C. The League of Coloured Peoples

23. Wilfred Wood was the first black to become …
A. An editor-in-chief in a British newspaper

B. A bishop in the Church of England

C. A commander in the British army

Answer: B. A bishop in the Church of England

24. When did Keith Vaz, Bernie Grant, Paul Boateng, and Diane Abbott become the first black member of parliaments in the U.K?
A. 1987

B. 1993

C. 1998

Answer: A. 1987

25. Who was the first black newsreader in Britain in 1968?
A. Barbara Blake Hannah

B. Trevor McDonald

C. Moira Stuart

Answer: A. Barbara Blake Hannah

26. At its peak, what was the approximate slave population in America?
A. Around 1 million

B. Around 3 million

C. Around 4 million

Answer: C. Around 4 million

27. Who was the first black person to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950?
A. Martin Luther King Jr.

B. Nelson Mandela

C. Ralph Bunche

Answer: C. Ralph Bunche

28. Which system of institutionalised racial segregation existed in South West Africa and South Africa from 1948 to 1990s?
A. White Supremacy

B. Apartheid

C. Racial Hierarchies

Answer: B. Apartheid

29. In which year was slavery abolished in America with the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment?
A. 1835

B. 1865

C. 1895

Answer: B. 1865

30. The last one in this list of black history quiz questions and answers: Which U.S. President signed the Emancipation Act, which gave all slaves in America their freedom?
A. Andrew Johnson

B. Ulysses S. Grant

C. Abraham Lincoln

Answer: C. Abraham Lincoln

31. Who was the first black actress to win 5 Grammy Awards in a single year?
A. Missy Elliott

B. Foxy Brown

C. Lauryn Hill

Answer: C. Lauryn Hill

32. Which holiday in the US celebrates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans?
A. Juneteenth

B. Memorial Day

C. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Answer: C. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

33. Before becoming the President of the US, Barack Obama served as a senator in which state?
A. Illinois

B. New York

C. Maine

Answer: A. Illinois

34. What is the oldest historically black colleges in the US?
A. Morehouse College

B. Cheyney College

C. Morris College

Answer: B. Cheyney College

35. When was the first black woman elected to the US Congress?
A. 1958

B. 1968

C. 1978

Answer: B. 1968

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