300+ TOP Boniface VIII Quiz Questions and Answers MCQs

(Boniface VIII is referred by his baptismal name for the times before he became pope.)

Boniface VIII Quiz Questions

1. Where did Benedict Caetani study law?
A. Bologna
B. Copenhagen
C. Alicante
D. Valencia

2. When was Benedict Caetani created cardinal?
A. 5 April 1286
B. 4 March 1284
C. 15 July 1282
D. 12 December 1281

3. Where was Benedict Caetani legate?
A. Vienna
B. Paris
C. Dublin
D. Oslo

4. Who was the predecessor of Boniface VIII confined in the castle of Fumone?
A. Celestine V
B. Martin V
C. Urban V
D. John V

5. By which bull did Boniface VIII forbid imposition of taxes on the clergy?
A. In Eminenti
B. Clericis Laicos
C. Aeterni Patris
D. Zelo domus Dei

6. Whom did Boniface VIII rebuke in the bull Ausculta Fili?
A. Philip IV
B. Louis VIII
C. Clovis
D. Charles Martel

7. Which year did Boniface VIII proclaim Holy Year?
A. 1275
B. 1250
C. 1296
D. 1300

8. What did Boniface VIII state in the bull Unam Sanctam?
A. Papal infallibility
B. Ecumenism
C. Dialogue with Non-Christians
D. Primacy of the pope

9. Where did Guillaume de Nogaret capture Boniface VIII?
A. Anagni
B. Viterbo
C. Cannae
D. Ulm

10. When did Boniface VIII die?
A. 17 January 1299
B. 12 May 1295
C. 19 June 1298
D. 11 October 1303

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