[PDF] Essay Topics about PLEASURE OF READING

Essay Topics about PLEASURE OF READING


The human mind is rational and does not take things for guaranteed. Man is constantly trying to run after knowledge and answers to the various questions that arise in his mind. His areas of interest are wide and he remains inquisitive all his life. To satisfy his thirst for knowledge and information he can always turn to books for help. It is important to be selective about the kind of books that one decided to read. If we read books that are trash, we are liable to be corrupted by them.

Reading substandard material is simply a waste of time. Education cannot be measured by degrees and qualifications. It is in fact measured by the culture and manners that one imbibes. A person can enrich himself with good qualities and a commendable culture if he comes across books that have a message to convey.

Good books sow the seeds of curiosity in man and he wishes to read more and more. He cannot acquire the desired knowledge by reading a single book. He must, therefore, read a number of them depending on his speed. Books that don’t sharpen our sensibility are rather futile to read.

Books also give pleasure to us. Apart from giving knowledge they provide us with a lasting pleasure. They mould our ideas, outlook and character and are like good and reliable friends. Man can never feel lonely if he has the company of a good book. Our friends may not have time for us at times, but a book can never desert us. We must select books of some particular purpose before we start reading. Sometimes we read aimlessly and once we finish the book we tend to develop a very negative attitude towards reading. We may then lose interest in further reading.

The habit of reading should be cultivated right from an early stage in life. Children must be encouraged by their parents and teachers to read novels, dramas, poetry, etc. One can read even while travelling. It has often been said that “an ideal mind is a devil’s workshop”. In order to protect oneself from the devil one can always resort to reading and thus find pleasure in one’s life.