The last day at school comes on the conclusion of the academic year of the Xllth class. Before the start of examinations students of this class are given a farewell party by the next lower class. Since such functions are an annual affair, some solemnity attaches to them and students as well as teachers take part in it.

My last day at school was marked by more or less the same feelings. It fell on the 28th of February. The school hall was decorated. A platform was raised and chairs arranged in many rows. Teachers sat in the front row and since I had been the monitor of my class, I was also given a place in the first row. Soon the hall was full.

The Principal presided over the function. Since the examinations were at hand we could hardly lose time in making long speeches and unnecessary formalities. The Principal spoke for ten minutes. He recalled the years long association of the outgoing class with the rest of the school and exhorted other classes to follow the example of our class in the best traditions of the school.

After that, there was a tea party. The students of the Xlth class were host to it. I was told to speak a few words to them, which I did. But soon my heart began to throb at the idea of parting. I recalled how we had played, read and sat together. How we were displeased at one moment and were the same friends at the next. Speaking at such function was a maiden experience in my life yet I made a fine job of it though I was later told that my voice trembled as I spoke.

The hosts gave us a farewell speech. The monitor of their class, Sanchit Sharma, spoke highly of us. He recalled the guidance which we had been giving them from time to time.

He said that though we were parting from the school this year yet they would join us next year in this great school of life— the world.

Party over, a group photograph was arranged. We were free now. I deposited my borrowed books with the library and got a clearance certificate. The joyful attitude of my heart gave place to anxiety and seriousness. The very idea of examinations at hand completely gripped my mind and I hurried to my house without loss of time to bury my head in books.