300+ TOP Fuel Injection Systems MCQs and Answers

Fuel Injection Systems Multiple choice Questions

1. The cold start injector provides a lean air-fuel ratio.
a. True
b. False

2. At which stroke the fuel is injected in the CI engine?
a. Suction stroke
b. Compression stroke
c. Expansion stroke
d. Exhaust stroke

3. Which of the following is the port fuel – injection system?
a. D – MPFI
b. L – MPFI
c. GDI
d. TBI

4. What is the range of pressure is achieved in the injection pump?
a. 120 – 200 bar
b. 10 – 20 bar
c. 400 – 500 bar
d. < 10bar

5. In pneumatic governor, which of the following control the amount of vacuum applied to the diaphragm?
a. Spring
b. Accelerator pedal
c. Butterfly valve
d. Lever

6. A six-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine develops a power of 200 kW at 2000 revolution per minute. The brake specific fuel consumption is 0.3 kg / kW – h. What is the time for injection if the injection takes place over 20° crank angle?
a. 1 millisecond
b. 2 milliseconds
c. 1.5 milliseconds
d. 1.66 milliseconds

7. What is the spray cone angle in the Pintle nozzle?
a. 60°
b. 15°
c. 25°
d. 45°

8. Which of the following is not the part of the injector assembly?
a. Needle valve
b. Nozzle
c. Diaphragm
d. Compressor spring

9. Which of the following is not the function of the fuel injection system?
a. Time the fuel injection
b. Filter the fuel
c. Atomize the fuel to fine particles
d. Control the engine speed

10. In which of the following fuel injector is used?
a. Compression-ignition engines
b. Spark-ignition engines
c. Steam engines
d. Sterling engines

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