[MCQs] GOA History GK Questions and Answers Goa

GOA History GK Questions

1. Which European power established colonies in Goa in the early 16th century?

A) Portugal

B) Spain

C) France

D) Netherlands

Answer: A) Portugal

2. Who was the Portuguese explorer who conquered Goa in 1510?

A) Vasco da Gama

B) Pedro Álvares Cabral

C) Afonso de Albuquerque

D) Ferdinand Magellan

Answer: C) Afonso de Albuquerque

3. What was the capital of Portuguese India?

A) Panjim

B) Margao

C) Vasco da Gama

D) Velha Goa

Answer: D) Velha Goa

4. When did the Dutch briefly conquer Goa from the Portuguese?

A) 1603-1639

B) 1633-1654

C) 1580-1583

D) 1510-1512

Answer: B) 1633-1654

5. When did the British East India Company capture Goa?

A) 1739

B) 1809

C) 1843

D) 1774

Answer: D) 1774

6. In which year was Goa annexed by India?

A) 1947

B) 1950

C) 1961

D) 1975

Answer: C) 1961

7. Who led the movement for Goa’s independence from Portuguese rule?

A) Jawaharlal Nehru

B) Mahatma Gandhi

C) Ram Manohar Lohia

D) Tristão de Bragança Cunha

Answer: D) Tristão de Bragança Cunha

8. What percentage of Goa’s population is Christian?

A) Over 50%

B) Around 25%

C) Less than 10%

D) Around 15%

Answer: B) Around 25%

9. What is the main language spoken in Goa?

A) Hindi

B) Portuguese

C) Konkani

D) English

Answer: C) Konkani

10. Which of these festivals is celebrated grandly in Goa?

A) Onam

B) Pongal

C) Durga Puja

D) Carnival

Answer: D) Carnival

11. Where is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Basilica of Bom Jesus located?

A) Margao

B) Panjim

C) Vasco da Gama

D) Old Goa

Answer: D) Old Goa

12. Which river forms the northern boundary of Goa?

A) Mandovi

B) Zuari

C) Sal

D) Talpona

Answer: A) Mandovi

13. Which beach in Goa is known for its nightlife?

A) Calangute

B) Baga

C) Colva

D) Anjuna

Answer: D) Anjuna

14. Which fort in Goa was the administrative center during Portuguese rule?

A) Reis Magos Fort

B) Corjuem Fort

C) Aguada Fort

D) Tiracol Fort

Answer: C) Aguada Fort

15. Where is the Menezes Braganza Pereira House, built in the 17th century, located?

A) Chandor

B) Salcete

C) Cansaulim

D) Chorao

Answer: B) Salcete

16. Which spice is grown extensively in Goa?

A) Pepper

B) Cardamom

C) Cloves

D) Nutmeg

Answer: A) Pepper

17. What is Cashew Feni, popular in Goa?

A) A savory dish

B) A type of dance

C) A fruit

D) An alcoholic drink

Answer: D) An alcoholic drink

18. Which city hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2023?

A) Panjim

B) Margao

C) Vasco da Gama

D) Mapusa

Answer: A) Panjim

19. Who was the first Chief Minister of Goa?

A) Dayanand Bandodkar

B) Manohar Parrikar

C) Luizinho Faleiro

D) Pratapsingh Rane

Answer: A) Dayanand Bandodkar

20. Which party won the most seats in the 2022 Goa Legislative Assembly election?

A) Indian National Congress

B) Bharatiya Janata Party

C) Aam Aadmi Party

D) Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party

Answer: B) Bharatiya Janata Party

21. Where is the Naval Aviation Museum located?

A) Dabolim

B) Panaji

C) Vasco da Gama

D) Margao

Answer: A) Dabolim

22. Which of these is NOT a wildlife sanctuary in Goa?

A) Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

B) Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

C) Madei Wildlife Sanctuary

D) Galgibag Wildlife Sanctuary

Answer: D) Galgibag Wildlife Sanctuary

23. Where is the popular waterfall Dudhsagar located?

A) Sanguem

B) Canacona

C) Quepem

D) Sattari

Answer: A) Sanguem

24. Which is the state fruit of Goa?

A) Coconut

B) Mango

C) Jackfruit

D) Pineapple

Answer: B) Mango

25. Who founded the Azad Hind Fauj?

A) Bhagat Singh

B) Subhas Chandra Bose

C) Chandrashekhar Azad

D) Sukhdev

Answer: B) Subhas Chandra Bose

26. Where is the historic Cabo Raj Niwas located?

A) Dona Paula

B) Benaulim

C) Bambolim

D) Cavelossim

Answer: A) Dona Paula

27. What is the state sport of Goa?

A) Football

B) Cricket

C) Hockey

D) Volleyball

Answer: A) Football

28. Which ruler built the Fort Tiracol?

A) Adil Shah of Bijapur

B) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

C) Yusuf Adil Shah

D) Ibrahim Adil Shah I

Answer: C) Yusuf Adil Shah

29. Where is the Mangeshi Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, located?

A) Ponda

B) Panaji

C) Margao

D) Mapusa

Answer: A) Ponda

30. Which European power ruled Goa before the Portuguese?

A) British

B) Dutch

C) French

D) None of the above

Answer: D) None of the above

31. What is the state bird of Goa?

A) Emerald Dove

B) Purple Swamphen

C) Indian Roller

D) Greater Flamingo

Answer: B) Purple Swamphen

32. Where is the historical site of Rachol Seminary and Church located?

A) Old Goa

B) Salcete

C) Margao

D) Loutolim

Answer: C) Margao

33. Where is the Cabo de Rama Fort built by the Portuguese located?

A) Canacona

B) Tiswadi

C) Pernem

D) Bardez

Answer: B) Tiswadi

34. Goa became a state of India in which year?

A) 1947

B) 1950

C) 1956

D) 1987

Answer: C) 1956

35. Which river flows through the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary?

A) Mandovi

B) Chapora

C) Talpona

D) Zuari

Answer: B) Chapora

36. Who founded Old Goa in the 15th century?

A) Vasco da Gama

B) Albuquerque

C) Pedro Álvares Cabral

D) None of the above

Answer: B) Albuquerque

37. Where is the naval base INS Hansa located?

A) Vasco da Gama

B) Mormugao

C) Dabolim

D) Panaji

Answer: C) Dabolim

38. What is the state animal of Goa?

A) Elephant

B) Tiger

C) Gaur

D) Leopard

Answer: C) Gaur

39. Where is the Mhamai Temple, dedicated to Goddess Laxmi, located?

A) Divar Island

B) Chorao Island

C) St. Estevam Island

D) Vanxi Island

Answer: B) Chorao Island

40. What is the state tree of Goa?

A) Coconut Palm

B) Indian Laurel

C) Indian Gooseberry

D) Banyan

Answer: B) Indian Laurel

41. Which European power defeated the Bijapur Sultanate to gain control of Goa in 1510?

A) British

B) Dutch

C) French

D) Portuguese

Answer: D) Portuguese

42. Where is the historical site of Three Kings Church located?

A) Cansaulim

B) Chandor

C) Chinchinim

D) Loutolim

Answer: A) Cansaulim

43. When was Goa liberated from Portuguese rule?

A) 15 August 1947

B) 19 December 1961

C) 26 January 1950

D) 15 August 1975

Answer: B) 19 December 1961

44. Who was the last Governor General of Portuguese India?

A) Manuel António Vassalo e Silva

B) Paulo da Gama

C) Francisco da Costa Gomes

D) Vítor Crespo

Answer: A) Manuel António Vassalo e Silva

45. Which dance form originated in the temples of Goa?

A) Kuchipudi

B) Manipuri

C) Kathak

D) Dashavatara

Answer: D) Dashavatara

46. Where is the historical site of Se Cathedral located?

A) Margao

B) Old Goa

C) Panaji

D) Vasco da Gama

Answer: B) Old Goa

47. Who was the first Chief Minister of Goa after it became a state?

A) Wilfred de Souza

B) Dayanand Bandodkar

C) Pratapsingh Rane

D) Ravi Naik

Answer: B) Dayanand Bandodkar

48. Where is the Salvador do Mundo church, built in 1541, located?

A) Panaji

B) Old Goa

C) Ponda

D) Margao

Answer: B) Old Goa

49. Which European power held suzerainty over Goa from 1961 to 1987?

A) France

B) Portugal

C) Britain

D) Netherlands

Answer: B) Portugal

50. Where is the historical site of Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary located?

A) Old Goa

B) Panjim

C) Margao

D) Mapusa

Answer: A) Old Goa

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