250+ TOP MCQs on Measurement of Temperature | Class 11 Physics

Physics Multiple Choice Questions on “Measurement of Temperature”.

1. Temperature is absolute. True or False?
a) True
b) False
Answer: b
Clarification: Temperature is a relative measure. When we touch a body we say it is hold or cold. We use devices like thermometers to indicate temperatures but we don’t have any fixed absolute value. When we say that temperature is 25°, it is relative to a reference we have decided like steam point and ice point.

2. What is the slope of line drawn for a graph between temperature in °C & °F?
a) 1.8
b) 5/9
c) slope is variable
d) 2
Answer: a
Clarification: °F = (9/5)°C + 32.
Therefore from this we can say that slope of line drawn for graph between temperature in °C & °F is 9/5 = 1.8.

3. Why is mercury used in thermometers?
a) It volume is proportional to square of increase of temperature
b) It shows linear variation in volume with temperature
c) Its volume remains constant with temperature
d) Its volume decreases with increase in temperature
Answer: b
Clarification: For measuring temperature in a thermometer we need a substance whose physical properties change with temperature and can be easily related with temperature. Mercury’s volume increases linearly with increase in temperature and hence we can create a scale on the thermometer accordingly.

4. Temperature is 300K. Convert it into ℉.
a) 47°F
b) 80.6°F
c) 27°F
d) 16.6°F
Answer: b
Clarification: Temperature in K = 273 + temp in °C.
∴ Temp in °C = 300-273 = 27
°F = (9/5) °C + 32
= (9/5)*27 + 32
= 80.6°F.

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