250+ TOP MCQs on Sleepers Types and Answers

This set of Railway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions on “Sleepers Types”.

1. Which of the following types of sleepers have the maximum service life?
a) Wooden
b) Steel
c) Cast Iron
d) Concrete
Answer: d
Clarification: Concrete sleepers have the best service life and are being extensively used in Indian railways nowadays. Whereas wooden sleepers have the least service life.

2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of Concrete sleepers?
a) High weight
b) High maintenance cost
c) Mechanised maintenance only
d) Good service life
Answer: b
Clarification: Concrete sleepers are bulky but have low maintenance cost. They always need a mechanised system for maintenance and cannot be maintained manually.

3. Which of the following sleepers cannot be damaged by white ants but corrosion can occur?
a) Cast Iron
b) Wooden
c) Steel
d) Concrete
Answer: c
Clarification: Wooden sleepers can be damaged by ants, CI by corrosion and concrete by neither. Steel sleepers cannot be damaged by ants but can be corroded.

4. Which sleepers require insulating pads for track circuiting?
a) Wooden sleepers
b) Steel and CI sleepers
c) Concrete sleepers
d) Steel sleepers
Answer: b
Clarification: Track circuiting is easy for concrete sleepers and is finest in case of wooden sleepers. But it is difficult in Steel and CI sleepers which makes the provision of insulating pads necessary.

5. Which type of sleeper has the maximum creep?
a) Wooden
b) Concrete
c) Steel
d) Cast Iron
Answer: a
Clarification: Creep can be defined as the forward movement of rails with respect to sleepers. Wooden sleepers have the maximum creep and it is least in case of concrete sleepers.

6. The scrap value of concrete is _____
a) None
b) High
c) Low
d) Higher than wooden
Answer: a
Clarification: Concrete sleepers once used do not give any scrap value. Concrete once set hard cannot be remoulded into another shape. Thus these sleepers cannot be reused for any productive work.