300+ TOP Mitosis and Meiosis MCQs with Answers Quiz

Mitosis and meiosis Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the main purpose behind the meiosis process?

A. Production of LH

B. Production of FSH

C. Production of Meristematic cell

D. Production of gametes

Answer: D

2. Which of the following processes are included in the cell cycle?

A. Synthesis

B. Metaphase

C. Telophase

D. All of above

Answer: D

3. …………………. Are the types of reproduction which are used during cell cycle.

A. Mitosis

B. Meiosis

C. Both A & B

D. Denaturation

Answer: C

4. Which of the following phase is the longest stage of cell’s life and it produces all the needed material for growth?

A. Interphase

B. Telophase

C. Metaphase

D. Anaphase

Answer: A

5. When the daughter cells are produced after mitosis will have ……………. Number of chromosomes as original cell.

A. Twenty one

B. Different

C. Thirty one

D. Same

Answer: D

6. In …………… type of division the produced daughter cells will have half of chromosomes as the original cell.

A. Mitosis

B. Meiosis

C. Cell

D. Somatic

Answer: B

7. The first interphase of mitosis is also called as ……….. phase of the cell cycle.

A. G2 phase

B. S phase

C. G1 phase

D. None of them

Answer: C

8. …………. Phase is also called as S phase of cell cycle where the DNA duplicates.

A. Prophase

B. Synthesis

C. Subdividing

D. Anaphase

Answer: B

9. Which of the following phase is responsible for the initiation of cell division process and in this phase nucleolus disappears?

A. Metaphase

B. Telophase

C. Prophase

D. Both B & C

Answer: C

10. In the mitotic division phases, anaphase is the third phase and here …………….. set of daughter chromosome separates.

A. Diploid

B. Haploid

C. Triploid

D. Single cell

Answer: A

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