300+ TOP Petrol Engine Fuel System MCQs and Answers

Petrol Engine Fuel System Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the value of the rate of flow of fuel if the coefficient discharge of fuel is 0.75, area of the jet is 0.885 mm2, density of the fuel is 780 kg/m3, and pressure differential causing fuel flow is 15000 Pa?
a. 3.21 g/s
b. 4.21 g/s
c. 5.21 g/s
d. 6.21 g/s

2. What does the venturi in carburetor cause?
a. Increase of air velocity
b. A decrease in air velocity
c. A decrease in fuel flow
d. Decrease of manifold vacuum

3. Where is the lean air-fuel mixture needed?
a. During starting
b. During idling
c. During acceleration
d. During cruising

4. Which of the following is the most widely used fuel supply system?
a. Gravity system
b. Pressure system
c. Pump system
d. Vacuum system

5. Why is the small hole provided in the pump body?
a. A vent for the oil
b. A vent for water
c. A vent for air
d. A vent for the fuel

6. Which of the following is the most accurate petrol injection system?
a. Manifold injection
b. Port injection
c. Throttle body injection
d. Direct injection

7. Where does the power for mechanical fuel pump come from?
a. Camshaft
b. Crankshaft
c. Distributor shaft
d. Propeller shaft

8. If petrol has a density of 800 kg/m3 and the discharge nozzle is located 8 mm above the level of petrol in a float chamber. What is the pressure differential causing airflow?
a. 62.78 Pa
b. 42.78 Pa
c. 52.78 Pa
d. 72.78 Pa

9. What is the pressure differential causing fuel flow if the venturi depression is found to be 105 cm of water?
a. 10300.5 Pa
b. 20300.5 Pa
c. 50300.5 Pa
d. 60300.5 Pa

10. When is the choke used in the engine?
a. When the vehicle is idling
b. When the vehicle is accelerating
c. When the engine is cold
d. When the engine is hot

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