300+ TOP Planet Uranus Quiz Questions and Answers GK

Planet Uranus Quiz Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Uranus ?

Answer: Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun, and has the third-largest diameter in our solar system.

2. How many moons does Uranus have ?

Answer: 27

3. Does Uranus have rings ?

Answer: Yes

4. What color is Uranus ?

Answer: The methane gives Uranus its signature blue color..

5. How far is Uranus from the Sun ?

Answer: Uranus is about 2.9518 billion km from the Sun.

6. What is Uranus made of ?

Answer: Uranus is made of water, methane, and ammonia fluids above a small rocky center.

7. How many rings does Uranus have ?

Answer: Uranus has two sets of rings. The inner system of nine rings consists mostly of narrow, dark grey rings. There are two outer rings: the innermost one is reddish like dusty rings elsewhere in the solar system, and the outer ring is blue like Saturn’s E ring.

8. Is Uranus a Gas Giant ?

Answer: Yes

9. Who discovered Uranus ?

Answer: William Herschel

10. When was Uranus discovered ?

Answer: 13 March 1781

Planet Uranus Quiz Questions

11. How big is Uranus ?

Answer: Uranus is the third largest planet in the Solar System. It has a diameter of 31,765 miles or 51,118 kilometers which is about four times the diameter of Earth.

12. How long does it take to get to Uranus ?

Answer: As per current information, it takes around nine and a half years to reach Uranus.

13. What is the temperature of Uranus ?

Answer: The planet’s average temperature is a frigid -353 degrees F.

14. How did Uranus get its name ?

Answer: German astronomer Johann Elert Bode (whose observations helped to establish the new object as a planet) named Uranus after an ancient Greek god of the sky.

15. How far is Uranus from Earth ?

Answer: Uranus is about 2.8285 billion km from Earth.

16. How long does it take Uranus to orbit the Sun ?

Answer: 84 years

17. How long is a day on Uranus ?

Answer: 17h 14m

18. How long is a year on Uranus ?

Answer: 84 years

19. How many earths can fit in Uranus ?

Answer: 63 Earths

20. Is Uranus bigger than Neptune ?

Answer: Uranus is slightly larger in diameter than its neighbor Neptune.

21. How old is Uranus ?

Answer: Planet Uranus is about 4.503 billion years old.

22. What is the diameter of Uranus ?

Answer: 50,724 km

23. What is Uranus atmosphere made of ?

Answer: Uranus’ atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium, with a small amount of methane and traces of water and ammonia.

24. How many spacecraft visited Uranus ?

Answer: Only one spacecraft has visited distant Uranus.

25. Which is the largest moon of the Uranus ?

Answer: Oberon and Titania are the largest Uranian moons.

26. Which is the only planet whose English name is derived directly from a figure of Greek mythology ?

Answer: Planet Uranus

27. Which is the second least dense planet after Saturn ?

Answer: Uranus

28. How many layers of Structures does Uranus have ?

Answer: The Standard model of Uranus structure has three layers:-

  • A rocky core in the Center.
  • An Icy Mantle in the middle.
  • An outer gaseous hydrogen/helium envelope.

29. Which is the coldest planet in the Solar System ?

Answer: As per current information, it is Uranus.

30. Can you see Uranus with naked eye ?

Answer: Yes

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