300+ TOP Political System of France MCQs and Answers

Political System of France Multiple Choice Questions

1. The most powerful position in France is

A. President
B. Prime Minster
C. Chancellor
D. Speaker

Answer: A. President

2. Which country has the oldest presidency in Europe?

A. Italy
B. Belgium
C. France
D. Sweden

Answer: C. France

3. In the Presidential election of France required percentage of votes for the win is?

A. 70%
B. 60%
C. 40%
D. 50%

Answer: D. 50%

4. What was the Duration of the second republic of France?

A. 1756-1760
B. 1749-1808
C. 1848-1852
D. 1866-1880

Answer: C. 1848-1852

5. The current constitution of France can only be changed with the support of ___ strength of congress?

A. one-third
B. three-fifth
C. three-four
D. none of these

Answer: B. three-fifth

6. The total size of the ministerial team in France is typical?

A. 20-30
B. 30-40
C. 50-60
D. 40-50

Answer: B. 30-40

7. Total number of seats in the French National Assembly is?

A. 550
B. 577
C. 470
D. 477

Answer: B. 577

8. Total number of seats in the French Senate is?

A. 320
B. 348
C. 528
D. 408

Answer: B. 348

9. The highest appellate court in France is?

A. Supreme Court
B. Cour de Supreme
C. Cout de Cassation
D. none of these

Answer: C. Cout de Cassation

10. Which one in the current republic of France?

A. First
B. Third
C. Fourth
D. Fifth

Answer: D. Fifth

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