300+ Remedial Teaching Pedagogy CTET MCQs & Answers

Remedial Teaching Pedagogy CTET Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mistakes in language learning should be

  1. taken seriously
  2. eliminated as early as possible
  3. ignored
  4. discussed with parents

Answer: 2

2. Mohan faces problems and takes pauses while reading. It is related to …………

  1. lack or interest in learning
  2. intelligence quotient
  3. dyslexia
  4. dysgraphia

Answer: 3

3. Which of the following statements is true in the reference of homework?

  1. It is necessary
  2. It is a medium to engage parents
  3. It should be according to pupils abilities
  4. It is only an exercise for classwork

Answer: 3

4. What kind of work is remedial teaching?

  1. instructional
  2. negative
  3. imperative
  4. theoretical

Answer: 1

5. A remedial teacher must co-operate with …….. to seek for professional support with a view to helping pupils solve their problems

  1. related professionals
  2. strict tutors
  3. English experts
  4. related book writers

Answer: 1

6. Effective factors in motivation are linked to pupils’ ……..

  1. own perceptions of their ability
  2. survival and safety needs
  3. understanding successes and failures
  4. ability to complete a language task

Answer: 3

7. Vimal is in the habit of speaking the word ‘John’ like ‘Jo-hn’ what will you do?

  1. Nothing, because he belongs to rural belt, we can’t improve him
  2. It’s heredity, as per Dalton’s experiment
  3. He is not an intelligent boy
  4. You will arrange remedial class for him

Answer: 4

8. What pedagogical sense is involved in the marked portion? ‘ A teacher constructs the knowledge of the students.

  1. enhance
  2. make
  3. practice
  4. draft

Answer: 1

9. As part of a class project, a teacher planned a salad fruit celebration day in which all learners needed to participate. The boys protested as they felt that boys do not cook. The teacher should

  1. make an attempt to counsel the boys, impressing upon them that gender stereotyping is not healthy
  2. respect the sentiments of the boys and allow them not to participate in the class project
  3. ignore such protests and tell the boys what she thinks of their bias
  4. complain to the head of the school seeking action against the boys

Answer: 1

10. Seating arrangement should be flexible so that

  1. many group, pair, and whole-class activities can be conducted easily
  2. children do not form permanent friendship groups
  3. the teacher ensures equality prevails in her classroom
  4. children have the freedom to move their seats wherever they want

Answer: 1

Remedial Teaching Pedagogy CTET MCQs

11. The contemporary target language classroom is a confluence of varied languages and language abilities. Teachers should restructure their practices by exposing students to

  1. summaries and simplified versions of the learning materials e.g., stories, grammar notes etc
  2. worksheets with a variety of tasks which cover the syllabus and students give their responses in class under teacher’s guidance
  3. appropriate challenges based on the syllabus, in a secure environment, opportunities for all students to explore ideas and gain mastery
  4. adequate self-explanatory notes, either prepared by teacher or from material writers

Answer: 3

12. Teachers can remediate for the student with language learning difficulty by

  1. focusing on individual progress with individualized instruction
  2. providing notes that are summarized and simplified
  3. initially, giving information as reading only, no writing
  4. conduct extra classes for the student to ‘catch up’ with others

Answer: 3

13. Role play should be an integral part of every language classroom because

  1. it enables girls and boys to interact freely
  2. it is an effective classroom management technique
  3. it enables students to engage in meaningful talk
  4. it enables students to memorize the story

Answer: 3

14. A child in class II writes, ” I laik ti red a buk ” instead of writing ” I like to read a book “. What does the child’s writing show?

  1. he needs remedial classes to improve spelling
  2. he has used invented spellings
  3. he is not paying any attention in the class
  4. he needs to work on phonetics

Answer: 1

15. Remedial teaching is not ……….

  1. re-teaching
  2. motivating
  3. given after diagnostic test
  4. both (2) and (3)

Answer: 1

16. The main objective of remedial teaching in English language is ………..

  1. to develop good habits in pupils
  2. to solve educational difficulties and flaws
  3. to remove pupils weaknesses
  4. none of the above

Answer: 2

17. Which of the following is the base of remedial teaching?

  1. self-examination test
  2. textbook test
  3. diagnostic test
  4. aptitude test

Answer: 3

18. The success of remedial teaching depends on ……….

  1. the knowledge of rules of the language
  2. materials of remedial teaching
  3. time devoted to solve the problem
  4. the identification of causes of the problems

Answer: 4

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