[PDF] Short Essay about THE PERSON I HATE MOST

Short Essay about THE PERSON I HATE MOST


It has been said that man’s body is the temple of God. I don’t agree with this view. There are some human beings who are worse than devils. They can shoot down innocent bus passengers or attack peaceful citizens. They can throw bombs anywhere and blow up buildings and factories in no time. It is not so easy to build but it does not take much time to destroy. Such people are a curse for the entire humanity. Many innocents are joining the ranks of the terrorist organisations. They say that they are trying to save their culture. They have never read any book on religion nor have they anything to do with culture.

One of my class fellows was caught by the police. He was found planting a bomb in a local bus. He was never regular in the class and always occupied a back seat. He never completed his homework and was always found sleeping in the class. When the teacher happened to check him, he denied that he was sleeping. He could invent lies and never admitted his fault.

Once, he had to pay some money to the manager of canteen. He threatened the manager with a dagger. The matter was reported to the principal and the boy was rusticated. His parents came and apologised on his behalf. He remained adamant and refused to admit his fault.

I do not know what happened to him afterwards. I was surprised to see his photograph in newspapers. When I read what he had done, I really felt ashamed that he was once my classmate. He had brought bad name to the school. The police came to the school to enquire about his background. We told the police officer how he was expelled from the school.

He would be tried in court and is likely to be prosecuted. Hence, he has earned a bad name for his parents, relatives and our school.