300+ Social History of England & America MCQs & Answers

Social History of England and America Multiple Choice Questions

1. 18th century French society was divided into .
A. Castes
B. Four Estates
C. Three Estates
D. Two Estates

Answer: C Three Estates

2. The term ‘Renaissance’ is derived from the Latin word .
A. Renekentia
B. Ronicantia
C. Renesentia
D. Reenesentia

Answer: C Renesentia

3. Reformation means reforming of .
A. English Protestant Church
B. English Calvinist Church
C. Roman Catholic Church
D. Roman Protestant Church

Answer: C Roman Catholic Church

4. led the Parliament during the English Civil War.
A. King Charles I
B. Royalist
C. Oliver Cromwell
D. John Lock

Answer: C Oliver Cromwell

5. The Industrial revolution believed to be begun from the year .
A. 1720
B. 1750
C. 1920
D. 1850

Answer: B 1750

6. country was involved in World War-Ⅱ.
A. Australia
B. Britain
C. Germany
D. All of these

Answer: D All of these

7. had commanded the confederate army in the American Civil War.
A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Stonewall Jackson
C. Ulysses S. Grant
D. Robert E. Lee

Answer: C Ulysses S. Grant

8. The English Renaissance began with accession of .
A. James Ⅰ
B. Charles Ⅱ
C. Elizabeth
D. King Henry Ⅶ

Answer: D King Henry Ⅶ

9. The Royal Society was founded by Charles Ⅱ in .
A. 1669
B. 1695
C. 1685
D. 1660

Answer: D 1660

10. is the author of the book ‘On the Origin of Species’(1859).
A. Charles Darwin
B. Henry Hellene
C. Cardinal Newman
D. J.S. Mill

Answer: A Charles Darwin

Social History of England and America MCQs

11. Cardinal Newman’s full name is .
A. John Harley Newman
B. John Henry Newman
C. Jhon Henry Newman
D. Jhon Heavily Newman

Answer: B John Henry Newman

12. The work of Oscar Wild ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ was published on .
A. 1856
B. 1870
C. 1950
D. 1895

Answer: D 1895

13. The Stone of Venice is a work written by .
A. John Ruskin
B. Ruskin Bond
C. W.B. Yeats
D. Cardinal Newman

Answer: A John Ruskin

14. Darwin studied for profession at Edinburgh.
A. Medicine
B. Law
C. The Clergy
D. Academics

Answer: A Medicine

15. Rousseau’s philosophy influenced revolution.
A. American
B. English
C. French
D. Italian

Answer: C French

16. In year Martin Luther king Jr. give his speech.
A. 1965
B. 1966
C. 1963
D. 1962

Answer: C 1963

17. In field Churchill win a Nobel Prize.
A. Literature
B. Economics
C. Peace
D. Never Won

Answer: B Economics

18. When Charles II’s father was executed, he was at place in 1649.
A. France
B. Italy
C. England
D. Holland

Answer: D Holland

19. Cromwell assumed title in December 1652.
A. Lord Protector of England
B. King of England and Ireland
C. Lieutenant in General of Army
D. Earl of Cambridgeshire

Answer: A Lord Protector of England

20. The northern states were called .
A. The Union
B. The Libertarians
C. The Confederacy
D. The Blue

Answer: A The Union

21. was the Elizabeth’s close circle of advisors’.
A. The Star of Chambers
B. Parliament
C. The Privy Council
D. The Cabinet

Answer: C The Privy Council

22. was not a Civil War battle.
A. Battle of Bulge
B. Battle of Gettysburg
C. Battle of the Antietam
D. Battle of Manassas

Answer: A Battle of Bulge

23. In year Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
A. 1861
B. 1862
C. 1864
D. 1865

Answer: D 1865

24. was the Leader of England during WWⅡ.
A. Benito Mussolini
B. Winston Churchill
C. Emperor Hirohito
D. None the these

Answer: B Winston Churchill

25. has commanded the confederate army in American Civil War.
A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Stonewall Jackson
C. Ulysses S. Grant
D. Robert E. Lee

Answer: D Robert E. Lee

26. countries were involved in World War-Ⅱ.
A. Australia
B. Britain
C. Germany
D. All of these

Answer: D All of these

27. Germany’s invasion of country started World War-Ⅱ.
A. France
B. Japan
C. Poland
D. None of These

Answer: C Poland

28. weapon was first used at the Battle of Somme in World War-Ⅰ.
A. Tank
B. Submarine
C. Jet fighter
D. Chariot

Answer: A Tank

29. Due to power the World War-I was fought out.
A. Nazi party power
B. Central power
C. Allied Powers
D. None of these

Answer: C Allied Powers

30. Due to death sparked the world War-Ⅰ.
A. Arch Bishop Ussher
B. Queen Victoria
C. Kaiser Wilhelm
D. Arch Duke Franz

Answer: D Arch Duke Franz

31. World War -Ⅰended in .
A. 1950
B. 1920
C. 1918
D. 1925

Answer: C 1918

32. During the second Continental Convention was elected to become commander in Chief.
A. Benedict Arnold’s
B. Charles Cornwallis’s
C. George Washington’s
D. Horatio Gates’s

Answer: C George Washington’s

33. was the first battle in the American Revolution.
A. Battle of Yorktown
B. Battle of Saratoga
C. Battle of Lexington
D. Battle of Bunker Hill

Answer: C Battle of Lexington

34. —– the war.
A. John Hancock
B. Benedict Arnold
C. George Smith
D. Daniel Morgan

Answer: B Benedict Arnold

35. The steam engine was invented by .
A. John Kay
B. Hargraves
C. James Watt
D. Richard Gray

Answer: C James Watt

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