300+ TOP Thomas Carlyle MCQs and Answers Quiz

Thomas Carlyle Multiple Choice Quiz Questions

1. When was Thomas Carlyle born?

A. 25 March 1806
B. 3 June 1802
C. 28 September 1799
D. 4 December 1795

Answer: D

2. Where was Thomas Carlyle born?

A. Craigenputtock
B. Ecclefechan
C. Dunkeld
D. Falkirk

Answer: B

3. Which university did Thomas Carlyle attend?

A. Edinburgh
B. Dublin
C. Manchester
D. Berlin

Answer: A

4. Where did Thomas Carlyle teach mathematics?

A. Bristol
B. Kirkcaldy
C. Annan
D. Plymouth

Answer: C

5. When did Thomas Carlyle marry Jane Welsh?

A. 4 January 1824
B. 16 May 1842
C. 23 August 1836
D. 17 October 1826

Answer: D

6. Which book of Thomas Carlyle was published in 1837?

A. The Early Kings of Norway
B. The French Revolution
C. The History of Friedrich II of Prussia
D. Sartor Resartus

Answer: B

7. When was On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History published?

A. 1852
B. 1848
C. 1841
D. 1862

Answer: C

8. Whom did Thomas Carlyle consider greatest English example of ideal man?

A. William Shakespeare
B. Henry VIII
C. St. Thomas More
D. Oliver Cromwell

Answer: D

9. When did Thomas Carlyle die?

A. 5 February 1881
B. 4 April 1886
C. 11 July 1883
D. 12 November 1885

Answer: A

10. Where did Thomas Carlyle die?

A. Haddington
B. Perth
C. London
D. Canterbury

Answer: C

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