100 TOP TV ENGINEERING UNIT WISE Important Questions Answers

TV ENGINEERING UNIT WISE Important Questions Answers :-

1. How is interlaced scanning different from sequential scanning?
2. Define picture resolution
3. Give reasons why do we prefer negative transmission.
4. Justify the choice of negative modulation for TV transmission.
5. List the functions of TV tuner
6. What are the main sections of video IF subsystem?
7. What is the purpose of an AGC circuit in aTV Receiver?
8. What are the advantages of AGC?
9. Define luminance and hue.
10. State any four conditions to be fulfilled for compatibility.
11. Draw the chromaticity diagram.
12. List the features of PAL color system
13. Draw the circuit diagram of ACC amplifier.
14. Draw the block diagram that generates the Y,(R-Y),(B-Y) signals from the R,G,B output of
a colour camera.
15. What is colour killer circuit?
16. What are the disadvantages in NTSC System?
17. Why is scrambling needed in Television system?
18. State the use of Geo stationary satellite for TV system
19. List the merits of Digital TV receiver.
20.What do you mean by EDTV.

1. (i) What are the constituents of composite video signal and explain their uses? (10)
(ii) Explain vestigial sideband transmission (6)
2. i. Illustrate the working principle of Image orthicon camera tube (10)
ii. Justify why all TV system have odd number of scanning lines(6)
3.What is interlaced scanning? Explain in detail. (10)
Draw and explain the construction and working of vidicon camera tube. (6)
4. Sketch a neat Figure of Monochromatic picture tube and explain beam deflection,
picture tube screen , picture tube control.(16)

5.i.Draw and explain the block diagram of Monochrome TV transmitter(10)
(ii) Brief the factors that decide the choice of IF in TV system(6)
6.(i) List the need and types of AGC circuit used in TV system.(10)
(ii) Discuss the construction features and working principle of turnstile antenna.(6)
7. With the help of a neat diagram , discuss the monochrome TV receiver in detail.(16)
8.Write short notes on : (1) DC reinsertion (2) EHT generation.

9.Draw the P.I.L picture tube and explain the operation. (16)
10.(i) Narrate the need for pincushion distortion correction and the method to employ distortion free raster (8)
ii.What are the purity and convergence adjustments? Explain the function of degaussing coil in the colour TV receiver.(8)
11. Draw the Delta-Gun color picture tube and explain the operation.What are the
drawbacks of Delta-Gun tube? (10)
(ii) With the help of neat diagram, explain automatic degaussing circuit. (6)
12. (i) Describe three color theory with suitable diagram. (8)
(ii) Write short notes on pincushion correction techniques. (8)

13.Draw the block diagrams of a PAL coder and decoder and explain their operations by showing
waveforms at various stages.(16)
14.Explain the essentials of SECAM system and describe the working of its encoder and decoder
with the help of their block diagram(16)
15. Explain the concept of SECAM coder and decoder. (16)

16. (i) Draw and explain the function of color killer and ident circuits. (8)
(ii) Explain Burst phase discriminator with a neat diagram. (8)
17. i.With the neat block diagram explain the domestic broadcast system. How does it differ from CATV? (8)
ii.Write short notes on projection television? (8)
18.i.Draw and explain the principle of DVD players. Explain the recording and playback detail
with diagram. (8)
ii.State the principles of 3DTV and HDTV. (8)
19.Give detailed notes on Digital TV transmission and reception. (16)
20. (i) With neat diagram, explain Tele text broadcast receiver. (8)
(ii) Draw and explain the concept of cable signal distribution.(8)

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