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1. Which of the following is the agent associated with the development of neurodegenerative disease in livestock and humans?

A. Prions
B. Viroids
C. virions
D. Virinos

Answer: A

2. __________is probably the most important characteristic for classification of viruses in eukaryotes.

A. Host preference
B. Morphology
C. Physical nature of virion constituents
D. Chemical nature of virion constituents

Answer: A

3. The __________ of the influenza-enveloped virus appear to be involved in attachment to the host cell receptor site.

A. fimbriae
B. flagellae
C. hemagluttinin
D. neuraminidase

Answer: C

4. Intracellular structures formed during many viral infections, called __________ , which can directly disrupt cell structure.

A. prokaryotes
B. chromosomal disruptions
C. inclusion bodies
D. cytocidal bodies

Answer: C

5. Viral RNA is replicated in the host cell

A. cytoplasmic matrix
B. nucleus
C. mitochondria
D. lysozomes

Answer: A

VIRUSES in EUKARYOTES Objective type Questions with Answers

6. Which family has received most interest in their development as a biological control agent against insects?

A. Reoviridae
B. Baculoviridae
C. Iridoviridae
D. Poxviridae

Answer: B

7. In cancer, the reversion of cells to a more primitive or less differentiated state is called

A. neoplasia
B. anaplasia
C. metastasis
D. oncogenic

Answer: B

8. Which of the following has been linked to Kaposi’s sarcoma?

A. Epstein-Barr virus
B. Human T-cell lymphotropic virus
C. Human papilloma virus
D. Human herpes virus 8

Answer: D

9. Virulent and nonvirulent viruses may not

A. inhibit host cell DNA synthesis
B. inhibit host cell RNA synthesis
C. stimulate host cell macromolecule synthesis
D. degrade host cell DNA

Answer: D

10. The hepadnaviruses such as hepatitis B virus are quite different from other DNA viruses with respect to genome replication. These replicate their DNA using

A. DNA-dependent DNA polymerase
B. reverse transcriptase
C. Rnase H
D. DNA ligase

Answer: B

VIRUSES in EUKARYOTES Objective Questions

11. Which of the following virus is always detectable after infections?

A. Hepatitis B virus
B. Herpes simplex virus
C. Varicella-zoster virus
D. Cytomegalovirus

Answer: A

12. Viroids are composed of

A. single-stranded DNA
B. double-stranded DNA
C. single-stranded RNA
D. double-stranded RNA

Answer: C

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